The Lazy Girl’s New Top

I also scored this fabric from Deb’s throw away and as I am always in need of new tops I thought I’d whip one up.

Ultimate lazy top I just cut the sleeves and body as one piece around a top I already own and like (DO NOT do this unless you are using stretch – it will end in tears!)

Then I just seamed the shoulders and sides.

Then of course because I had made the neck huge I took some ‘tucks’ around the back and sewed a corsage on to disguise some wonky binding around the neck.

1/2 work + free fabric = new top

Pleased. (Yes my room is that messy and yes the top I cut around is that crinkly – I don’t iron)


9 responses

  1. wow that is really cool! i don’t iron either. ever.

  2. I had no idea that you made that top! Couldn’t see anything wonky about it, I am very impressed!!!

    As for ironing, I use my friends logic… An iron is a power tool and therefore using it is a man’s job 😉

  3. Ironing? what’s that? Love the stripey top, looks like it is straight from a shop! 🙂

  4. Love it, especially the timesaver tip!

  5. You are a clever cookie Miriam 🙂

  6. and I’m totally with you about the ironing, I don’t do it. The one top and pants that need it are still sitting on my ironing board !

  7. Awesome top… hehehe, I don’t iron either!

  8. Great top, very cool and I don’t see any wonkyness!

  9. Rebecca Ansley | Reply

    far out, you are SO CLEVER!! WOW very impressed!! On the ironing part… last time i got mine out Winton asked what it was!! ha ha

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