At Our Place

We have butterflies and bees in residence.

We have introduced a morning chart in anticipation of a school start in May. (Thanks Parenting Mag!)

I made the magnets from a bag of circle magnets I bought at a $2 type shop.

Cut wee circles from fabric.

PVA glued them.

Drew smilies on with fabric marker.

Pleased with the result.

This weeks classic four-year old statements –

In the morning at breakfast ‘What’s that dreadful smell?’ (yes he does talk like this from time to time!) To which The Atlas replied – ‘Pardon Me’.

One night when Daddy was going to be home late he said to me ‘Maybe we should ring Pop or someone to be our Daddy tonight’

I replied ‘I’m sure I can cope on my own for one night.’

‘No, you can’t stay nice’ was the reply. Clearly a day is my limit. In my defence I’m pretty nice all day – just so you know! He does love me. This conversation was followed by him telling me he loves me all the way up to the sun from all the houses and all the way to heaven (without prompting I’ll have you know).

And I love them both  the 3 of them right out to the edges of the universe and back.


6 responses

  1. Hehe, they are growing up so quickly!

  2. Oh hon I hear you .. .. .. my little miss 2.5 years said something very similar to me after Daddy had been gone 2 nights. “You need Daddy home to be happy aye” – hmmmmmm 🙂

  3. That is an absolute crack up, don’t worry, I can’t stay nice either!!!

  4. Oh too funny! The things they say, especially when they are being a little smart as well. Looks like you are having a good holiday break. Happy Easter to you all xxx

  5. Oh I love those cute painted faces. Could just pinch them…gently of course! There is something utterly delicious about the mind of a four-year old – the totally grown up things they come out with and yet mixed with such innocence too 🙂

  6. Rebecca Ansley | Reply

    gorgeous! I love this post x x x Ooooo School not far off now!! x x x

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