Cheats ‘Fancy’ Eggs

I originally got this idea from Sophie Gray.

You take a cheap ($2  in my case) hollow egg, mine are 70 g each.

You split it along the edges – not as simple as it would seem!

Then you fill it with treats.

Then you re-seal it along the edges – not simple when you have made a dogs breakfast of the splitting.

And decorate  around the seam along the edges – not applicable in this instance.

So I used the rest of the melted chocolate to create a ‘diversion’ and put sprinkles over the top.

Any resemblance to anything real or imagined is purely your own imagination at work, but I do thank you for thinking there might be some reason or artistic design!

I made 4 – Flip, Bounce, Daddy and Grandad who is spending Easter with us will all find one for them at the breakfast table. Not to be eaten until later though because…

We have an ‘annual’ Easter egg hunt with friends tomorrow at 8am before church. I love that. I also love that they make awesome Hot Cross Buns for the grown ups.

One response

  1. Did you try refrigerating the eggs before you split them? No idea if it would help or not, but might be worth a try next time.

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