Easter Adventures

Grandad came for Easter.

Grandad is lots of fun.

He rode Daddy’s bike at the ‘bike park’ and fell into a bush because he hadn’t ridden a bike for a long time!

He came on an Antarctic Adventure and spent a very long time in the freezing ice room because Flip liked it in there.

Grandad bought Easter eggs and made an egg hunt.

He came to our special annual Easter Hunt with our friends and helped us search.

He did messy art with us at the kitchen table.

He made lego creations – Grandad can build anything.

Grandad read stories and wrestled and watched our productions and went to the park and made us toast.

We love Grandad – we can’t wait for him to come and visit again!


5 responses

  1. What a wonderful guest Grandad was. What fun you all had. Well done Grandad!

  2. Grandads are the best! Glad you all had such a great time 🙂

  3. We think Grandad’s are very special – One of ours is a maker of violins and the other likes to pick up walnuts!

  4. Awww – what a cool Granddad!

  5. Yay for grandparents – they rock! Looks you had some wonderful adventures together. And that’s a super cool puppet theatre by the way too!

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