A Right Royal Night

Okay so supposedly it was all about watching the wedding, which we did do. Liked the dress, very disappointed by no kiss in the church???? Royal etiquette is a bit unfathomable for a common commonwealth resident like me!

But really it was about the dressing up.

The hanging out.

The tea and scones.

And me winning ‘pin the panties on the prince’. So proud of myself.

A small, edited selection of photos – I’d hate to lose friendships in the cold light of day when the photos were taken in the rosy glow of dressing up.

The Atlas went as the paparazzi – you know the kind that hang out in bushes and send their photos to OK! and magazines like that.

I spilt sparkling grape juice on myself fairly early in the evening which meant I felt fully the classless 80s bridesmaid I was aiming for. And I wore my hair in a French Braid with the scrunchie.


6 responses

  1. LOVE it ~ we had a grand night also with me doning my wedding dress for the first time in 12 years – something happened around the rib area – expansion from having babies?
    I LOVED the dress, the blush of the Prince when he kissed his Princess on the balcony but still somewhat confused over Princess Beatrice hat aka Mousse

  2. Looks like you had a BLAST! Love all the costumes.

  3. We too had a lovely night, dressed in wedding dresses and bridesmaids dresses, canapes and starters with a fish and chip main and then followed by white chocolate mousse cake and cupcakes decorated accordingly!! Thought they both looked lovely – also wanted kiss in church – couldn’t stay up that late to wait for kiss on balcony – will see tonight on news maybe. Agree Hats bizarre – Annette

  4. Georgous frock! What a great looking crowd!

  5. What fun you had, I saw it all on tv with the family around. Like you, I was sad there was no kissing at the church, although secretly I hope they had a sneaky one in the back room after signing the registers!

  6. Rebecca Ansley | Reply

    Awesome!! you look better than Eugine & Beatrice thats for sure!! x x x

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