Power Tools

I may have purchased a new tool to add to my repertoire

Something I have wanted for a time

A staple gun! And it has already been put to work which is good because my soldering iron and heat gun are still in their boxes! (I will use them though, I promise)


The kitchen chairs I covered last year were sadly covered in ground-in weetbix and beetroot stains. So I bought some vinyl/oilcloth type fabric and fixed them up. I’m planning a serious make-over for these chairs.

I also had The Atlas make me a board from some spare wood and covered it with this teatowel I love. I even loved it enough to iron it before I stapled. My mama will be pleased!

I had seen it ages ago in a shop and couldn’t find it again until I spotted it in a wee knitting shop in Karori while we were being refugees from the eq.

Pretty pleased my efforts. Now I’m looking around for what else I can staple.


5 responses

  1. ooooooooooh seriously LOVING that wall hanging!! awesome find!

  2. I absolutely LOVE those chairs Miriam you’ve done a FANTASTIC job xxx

  3. Elizabeth Greening | Reply

    Love the chairs and the wall hanging looks fab!!!that staple gun is going to be lots fun!

  4. You really are priceless! Just like a kid in a candy store with your new acquisitions. How’s your lounge suite, or the boys bedheads?

  5. Wow, they all look great!

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