Friends, Feijoas and Finds

Today was one of those lovely days where I did some ‘internet dating’ again.

7 Christchurch bloggers and various wee ones invaded the delightful Addington Coffee Co-op

Juliet came bearing feijoas – BLISS!

Before hand I may have been to the Sallies and got some lovely things. I saw Deb there too!

I’ve wanted a decanter for a while – blame the coffee co-op they use them for their carafes

After a coffee/catch-up/ hangout I introduced some of them to the delights of Creative Junk

Let’s just say there were some seriously good finds Nin seems to have an eye for gems

But my favourite is this awesome snakes and ladders board which features vices and virtues with their consequences. It will be going on the toilet wall. I LOVE it!

Other than that I just grabbed some ‘practical’ stuff – planning to make some lemon cordial and some sock monkeys.

Lovely people, lovely finds, lovely feijoas!

Follow the linked words to find the very creative and talented ladies I spent time with today. If you are a Chch blogger we’d love to meet you next time – we’re quite nice I promise!


6 responses

  1. that was heaps of fun today! what an awesome bunch of girls!!!! even if i do say so myself 🙂 Just been rifling through all my treasures.
    Like on an actual high thinking about our cool morning!

  2. oohhh what days and what times? I wonder if a Saturday or Sunday morning afternoon or evening one could/would happen in approx one months time LOL
    I’d love to meet some bloggers xxx

  3. Sounds like you all had a great time, wish there was more bloggers I knew of in Hamilton area, would love to get to know some.


    Seriously, so excited to come across some others 🙂 (not that i am a very serious or consistent blogger… but I am getting a little tired of reading american fashion moms blogs lol).

    Whats this junk place you’re talking about? I’ve had a look at some of the other pages and you all seemed to take away some great bargins!!


  5. Was fun as always! Still haven’t dared to look inside my bag and see the “treasures” that I bought! Will have to do it again soon 🙂

  6. I’ll have to get the camera out so I can share my bargains with the world. So nice to met some lovely people, can’t wait to do it again and bring the Lala – she will have a ball I’m sure.

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