Gearing Up

Of course I must start today by saying Happy Mother’s day to the Mama who I love very much and taught me lots of what I know to be true and good and right! Love you Mum xx

When I look at my year – it always seems like next month there will be more time

Next week won’t be quite so hectic

Hello??? I think I am a slow learner. Anyway I managed to sign myself up for the Kids Clothing Week Challenge starting on Monday, you know because I have heaps of time for such things!

This is a pledge to sew 1 hour a day for 7 days making kids clothing.

Truth be told my boys own hardly any home-made clothing and the gorgeous hand knitted jerseys they do have are from there Grand-Mamas. In my defence we’ve also hardly bought them anything either we have just be blessed with huge amounts of hand-me-downs from others and grandparents who like shopping for little people clothing.

So this week I have some serious time to find and some sewing to do.

So far the plans are:

Dressing gown for Bounce

2 pairs of PE shorts for Flip when he starts school in 13 days!! – yawn about the shorts but need to be done

A dress for my little god-daughter

A hoodie for Flip

and some other miscellaneous bits and bobs. It’s all a bit boring but really they don’t need much…

Thing is I am trying to make my life easier by doing some preparation early. Cutting out patterns and fabric now will make it all much faster. SO boring, I’m sure no one in the sewing world enjoys the preparation stages. I managed to make one night of it with crafty friends and Anne of Green Gables.

If it all works out I should have some fun show and tell at the end of the week.

Last night I enjoyed a wonderful production of Hamlet  including my very talented friend Annette.

I also sent off my cushion cover for a swap I signed up for and the giveaway to Elizabeth G so I have some things off my must-do list. Photos from the church fair around the corner this morning. Church Fairs are SO awesome. Fill a bag for $5 anyone?

‘New’ yellow bike $6 and a wooden chair $2. Bargain!

3 responses

  1. Yellow bike = BARGAIN!
    That is it .. .. .. I NEED yes yes yes NEED to find me some Church fairs!

  2. I think that would have been my parents’ church fair – they were busy with that yesterday and that brick wall in the bottom pic looks suspiciously familiar! Gotta love church fairs for super duper bargains. 🙂

  3. I think I have a new favourite photo of my youngest grandson!
    Love that first little cat shot!

    Happy Mother’s Day to you too. You are a wonderful mummy with 2 delightful boys. xx

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