KCWC Day 1 – Shorts

Yawn, yawn – things will get more exciting.

I made 2 pairs of these today. Flip needs them for PE when he starts school in 10 days!??!!!!

The photos make them look a funny shape because the ‘penguin’ modelling them wanted to stand like a penguin.

I made the pattern up, actually I didn’t make a pattern at all I just sort of cut around a pair he already had that were a reasonable fit.

The waistband has 2 rows of elastic – we wouldn’t want him losing them on a run round the field now would we?


4 responses

  1. Good to get this done. Ten days. WOW!

  2. These are great, love the penguin pose, glad my boy’s not the only one who refuses to strike a pose for me 🙂
    Nice to meet you too, look forward to seeing what else you make this week!

  3. What a cute little penguin he is! I guess I’d better start shopping for a birthday present huh!

  4. Good idea on the 2 bands of elastic! They look great. I bet he will love school!

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