The Results Are ….

5/7 for the Kids Clothing Week Challenge

Truth is this has been one of the busiest and most demanding weeks of my year to date. I am finished with the KCWC for the week because I’ve decided that when you feel stressed and resentful about trying to find an hour to sew it is entirely defeating the purpose of the event.

I have reminded myself I am a grown-up and it is okay to make a decision based on the needs of your family and your own personal needs at this current moment. It does not mean that I am not a ‘woman of my word’ (which, incidentally I try to be).

I have some more things to sew and I will find 2 hours some time next month for 2 belated KCWC posts. I love the premise of this challenge. The time it happened not so good for me this time.

That is okay. (This is where you say – of course how sensible of you and mature too, besides which we love you).

So you can look forward to my last 2 days of sewing some other time.

On a much more exciting note Flip started football yesterday! Real live football with The Atlas coaching and the weather was SO good for the first ‘game’ (read drills and craziness and some efforts at goal scoring).

The Atlas is working all weekend (don’t even get me started on how much maturity I have to summon up to deal with that!) so he got time off to come and coach – he is a great Dad. I quite like him actually.


3 responses

  1. It seems so many of our men are working ridiculous hours at the moment – Love the soccer photos – is it bad I have NO inspiration whatsoever to be a soccer Mum? I can’t think of anything worse than standing out in the cold watching boys chase a ball around a field LOL –

  2. Well done on being mature and giving yourself a break.
    ‘The sabbath was made for man and not man for the sabbath.’

    Principles should always be flexible when they have to be. Give yourself time to relax and just enjoy the present. Life is too short to rush through.xx

  3. How sensible of you and mature too, besides which we love you!

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