Make My Week #19 – Cushion Cover

A while ago I signed up for a cushion cover swap.

Swaps are a bit like chain letters for grown-ups. You say you’ll make someone something and someone makes you something in return.

Last week I sent off this cover to its new home as part of the cushion cover swap. I’m not sure if it has arrived yet…so I won’t give away who it is for.

I made it from an old blanket and felt. I’m pleased with it so I hope it is her taste. I think I’ll probably make one for me at some point.

Now I get to look forward to one arriving for me sometime! If you want to see the kind of cushion covers other people are making and sending click here. Many thanks to Vic the organiser!


14 responses

  1. Love Love Love your pillow ::))
    You have me inspired .. .. ..
    Have you seen the swap Deb (Works in Progress) and I have on our blogs?

  2. They are all so cool – yours included. And I love how everyone seems equally insecure about whether or not they will be liked by the recipient! I really like the telephone and sewing machine ones but this one is by far my favourite – hopefully you get it!!!

  3. Lovely tidy work with neat little stitches! Good for you!

  4. Cute!

    I am sure your swap partner will love it!

  5. oh lovely! I’m sure your swap partner will…heart it! 🙂 sorry what a lame joke…the cushion cover however is wonderful!

  6. Brilliant! I love how you’ve used a cut out heart too!♥

  7. Very cute, I love how you have repurposed an old blanket and the red sets it off nicely.

  8. Oh it’s lovely! I really like the re-purposing of the blanket as well, very cool!

  9. I’m sure your swapee will be chuffed! It’s SO FUN seeing everyone’s cushions! Thanks again for playing along, it’s been an absolute pleasure.

  10. miriam! i LOVE it!!!
    thank you sooooo much!!!
    can’t wait to see what you get sent 😀

  11. That’s really lovely – you can’t go wrong with red and aqua I say, and the hand stitching is a terrific touch too!

  12. Lovely! It’s great how you have used materials you already had. I am certain your mystery person will love it.

  13. Those colours are very pretty together. Sweet!

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