Imagine My Excitement

Last week I received a VERY big box.

Inside it was a huge collection of handmade gifts of love for the mamas who attend the music groups we run on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Cat and Sarah have invested huge hours and they have called on their friends the world over (literally) who have generously come to the party.

Every mama received a parcel with Olive Leaf Tea, A Blue Earth soap from Nuture  Beauty Therapy, Tissues in hand-made covers and hand-knitted flannels/wash cloths and a magazine from Parents Inc. The postage was sponsored by Supply Services Ltd Christchurch

Bounce and Flip were allowed to choose something each which they were so thrilled about. Flip chose a crayon roll which he has kept close to his side ever since. Bounce wanted a scotty-dog ‘hand-bag’ with a Maisy book inside it.

The mamas at music were, of course, so overwhelmed by the generosity of all those involved.

So much of Christchurch is still veiled in uncertainty. The not knowing, the continuing after-shocks, the chemical toilets are all part of what is causing challenges to families. These women and all who have contributed have sent us all a warm hug and an encouragement to keep strong.

Thank you all so much – you are  a bringers of delight. xx

7 responses

  1. So many smiling faces! Cat and Sarah are stars!!!

  2. Oh how wonderful to see these photos! I love seeing what child chose what present. I’m sure it was a pretty fun time at music those two days. I’m so glad to have been able to help out. I received a lovely comment from on of the mum’s today, it really made my day and that alone was worth everything.

  3. Lovely just lovely
    Thank you for sharing the photos . . . .
    So glad I could be part of this

  4. Absolutely wonderful to see the expectation and delight of the children opening the gifts, as the old adage goes give to those who need and not to those who expect!

  5. what lovely happy photos! So pleased to have been able to help if in only a small way.

  6. This is wonderful! Loving generosity from afar 🙂

  7. So nice to see the happy faces.

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