Good-bye Kindy

Today we cross a new threshold – we say good-bye to our kindy journey.

Flip started kindy at 4 and has attended 2 kindies during his year of ‘kindy work’.

He has had a wonderful time and grown so much as a little person.

We have been thrilled with both his kindies.

This afternoon he and I went on what is to become a birthday tradition.

A ‘date’ at The Cupcake Collection after a special visit to the Reading Bug where he can pick his gift.

With such gorgeous shops so close to home you can see why I’m keen to make this a tradition.

I asked him if he wanted me in jeans or a dress and he chose the dress. (I’m wearing a skirt but close enough).

I want him to know this is special to me too and I want to make an effort. This is my little way of trying to ensure that hanging out one on one with mum will be something normal they grow up with.

One journey finished and a new one begins.

Precious times.

13 responses

  1. Such a sweet transition! I’m sure that he is going to LOVE his new school and you will enjoy the new season you come into.

  2. Exciting times for you all, good luck with the next step! What a lovely tradition, that bookshop looks lovely… I may have to have a wee trip there one of these days…

  3. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! 😡

    1. That face was meant to kiss – oops!

  4. Happy Birthday to a sweet little man – I look forward to meeting you all so very soon xxx

  5. Elizabeth Greening | Reply

    Adorable photos and whats more my niece works at that cupcake shop! well I am guessing it was the one up Colombo Street/Beckenham area? What a lovely time out!

  6. He will be so excited to grow and I am just wanting to hang on to him so sweet and little. He looks so georgous on his special day. My favourite little nearly-five-year-old. Love you to bits. Ma xxx

  7. Exciting times ahead Flip! Loving the specialness of mother and son dates. And we’ll be joining you on the school journey in about 10 weeks…grand adventures ahead! Happy 5th birthday precious one 🙂

  8. What a great tradition!! Just curious – Do you kids receive other gifts on their birthdays? Or just what they pick out at the reading shop?

  9. Oh what a great day! Is that a large bubble he is in? The cupcake looks awesome.

  10. Such a cool tradition. I’m hopeless at that sort of thing, and have been trying to think of what to do for my “little mr about to turn five”.

  11. 5 years! It can’t be!! Wow – what a great day and lovely traditions. Hope he has a wonderful time at school xxxx

  12. WOW! So lovely x x x All the best for the new journey ahead… deep breaths mumma!! x x x

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