Hello School

5 years ago when I had Flip I said to The Atlas – The next parent-teacher interview I go to I will be the parent.

Who would have thought we’d be here in Christchurch, NZ with so many great schools nearby.

Who could imagine biking to school with this wonderful little man. Knowing he will do so well.

Knowing the season has changed for me.




Happy 5th birthday little penguin lover I couldn’t be happier to be your mama if I tried.


9 responses

  1. Utterly divine. Brings me to tears. What a cute little man with such a huge uniform. xxxx

  2. He has the most amazing eyes.
    Happy 5th Birthday (to you both!)
    It is such a big change, very exciting!!!
    Hope he absolutely loves his first day as a big school kid

  3. My penguin lover has her 12th birthday today as well! Must be something about that date and penguins. I hope he enjoys his first day at school. That first day is so hard and soooo long for us mums. I bet he comes home so excited and full of new experiences. Happy Birthday Flip!!!

  4. Oh gorgeous, what a big day & yes, so special to be at those parent/ teacher interviews when they are talking about your child, what you have created & everything you dreamed for them. Happy birthday in your household. Love Posie

  5. Bless! We’re two years off this day with my eldest but I think it’ll be a bittersweet moment – growing up – not spending every day with her Mumma – just her little sister and I (she’ll be sorely missed I’m sure!)

  6. What a special day for you all!!

  7. AND… how did it go… how did it go???
    I hope he had a great time and made lots of new friends!
    (I love that serious looking close-up of him on his bike!)

  8. A new season for you all – enjoy 🙂

  9. Rebecca Ansley | Reply

    gorgeous!!! I hope he LOVED his first day, i bet he did x x x

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