Penguin Party

In our house 5 is the first ‘party, party’ birthday where friends can come.

Flip chose a Penguin Party because he loves penguins.

For ease of making I went with a cake of penguin cupcakes.

The food was a DIY affair with Arctic waters (blue and green jelly) surrounding an Iceberg (vanilla ice-cream) topped with penguins (from the penguin waffle maker). Then the penguin party-goers could decorate it with other toppings.

We played blu-tac the beak on the penguin.

Penguin waddle.

Penguin fishing – The Atlas invented this one – the ‘penguin’ has 10 secs to catch as many fish as possible from the icy ‘sea’.


and penguin chalk drawings and face painting.

Oh and some pass the parcel because really what is a party without pass the parcel?

For prizes we had chocolate fish.

I think I get 10 points for no fuss, low-cost party..Don’t you think?

First time working with fondant icing too. Couldn’t have done it without 2 Aunties and Ma.


7 responses

  1. Miriam, what a fantastic party!! I check your blog every other day and am amazed at what you seem to fit in and still be a fantastic mother. Hope school is going well.

  2. Brilliantly themed party – I’m so impressed! Wish I could have been one of Flip’s friends…looks like they had an absolute ball 🙂

  3. Oh those cupcakes!!! Sooo cute! Molly will wish she could have had one of those at her party. Love the penguin costume too. Where on earth did you get those penguin waffles from?? They are so neat. Great party by the looks of things. Well done to you.

  4. We all had a lot of fun! You did a great party. The photos are wonderful. Now he is truly 5! Well done you. xx

  5. Awesome looking Party M!
    those penguin waffles are tooooooo cool

  6. What a great party! Love all your little penguins, looks like such fun!

  7. Penguin waffles?!?! Perfect! and those cupcakes are gorgeous. xx

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