Cool Christchurch Finds

Living inChristchurch at the moment seems to engage a strong sense of loyalty to the city for, for me anyway.

This week I have had some cool finds that I wanted to share.


North City Op-Shop on Sawyers Arms Rd. This is huge and the day they went there all the books were free.  I was impressed with the range and their store itself is about the size of the SaveMart stores but still priced like a proper church op-shop.

On the same trip we popped into the St Vinnies store across from the Northlands Mall and I picked up this cool rag rung. I have been thinking of making one but some wonderful person is making them for the St Vinnies and they are only charging $5!!

And these cute, cute glasses.

I’ve also stopped at a dairy in Sydenham (which is currently a lot of empty lots!) This awesome owner has brought in a shipping container and powered it up and kept going. I love that, good on him for making it work as Tim Gunn would say. He also sells the cheapest bananas in Chch for 99c a kilo.

Photos of the thrifty finds I picked up on an opshopping venture with wonderful sister.

I’m going to use the big Mercer Mayer book for wrapping paper for small things.

2 responses

  1. Oh I remember that baby golden book I had it as a kid! Cool scores!

  2. ‘Baby Dear’ golden book was a favourite for NJ when she was a baby. She loved it so much it only lasted for her first year. How is the atlas coping with all the new fabric??

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