Friday Favourites

This week these things have given me joy

A little man who LOVES his ‘teddy bear’ (whose name is ‘Daddy’)

Watching my little men play monsters in the hallway with daddy

I love the complete joy and ‘anticipation’ looks on their faces

Assisting Kyleigh with a foodie venture and watching her professional photo shoot

I assure you Meg’s photos will be amazing if her other stuff is anything to go by

The photos here are my ‘playing along ones’

Can you see why I wanted to go help?

Left overs anyone??

Getting my tax return done on line – oh yes it is finished!

Feeding the ducks on the way home from school

Biking to and from school with quite possibly the-world’s-cutest kids.


Let’s not count the moment where we all collapsed on top of each other 2 metres from the school bike stands – in full view of all the parents and children arriving, also wearing a skirt – good for my pride I remind myself!!

And great service at my local Mitre 10 for some new projects I have on the go….very excited!

Project runway – make it work people!

Joining in with other grateful people here.


7 responses

  1. Nice post! Looks like alot of fun is being had.

  2. Visiting from PJ’s – great post, loved your photos 🙂

  3. One Red Chair {Photography} | Reply

    Thanks for the link friend!
    I can’t wait to hang out with you IRL again!

    Your blog is great!

    Meg xxx

  4. Yumbo, that food is making me hungry! Love the story of the bike incident, I’m guessing you had your kids to thank for that one?

  5. YUM! Thanks for that – I am now ravenous for sweet and delicious treats! We love feeding ducks too (though I’m scared of swans!) Visiting from PJ’s Gratefuls!

  6. The most georgous little faces in the world. xx

  7. Your boys are so cute… and boy that delicious food looks amazing!!!

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