Make My Week # 22 – Map Lover’s Cup of Tea

I whipped up these coasters this week amongst other ‘bigger’ projects.

A set of 5 coasters made using the metro bus map from Chch – the old one I’d say there will be a new one soon!

I used some old coasters as the bases – this is a definite improvement!

I like them and considering there are 2 map lovers and 2 bus lovers in the household I think they will be well used.

Now I need to make the coffee table for them to go on. Cup of tea anyone?


5 responses

  1. LOVE!!!
    And yip to tea!

  2. Love the concept. What did you do with the western half of the city?

  3. Good idea, I will have to make ones of the suburbs I don’t know so well!

  4. Love, love, love your map coasters! Please tell me how you made them, as I have heaps of maps and some old coasters so I would love to give this a go myself! Hope things get better in your part of the world soon, happy quilting Sue SA.

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