Thankful Friday

This week I am grateful for Christchurch bloggers who are keen to have coffees with each other. (Having so much fun I forgot to take a photo but Meg did get one of me modeling my very awesome smoothie – they come in milk bottles!)

Baking with my baby boy.

Isn’t he just a natural model?

Meeting new people at the bloggers get together and a very special guest coming tomorrow!

A new craft which has me VERY excited….

Trying new recipes

Having a laugh with Flip’s teacher – he was doing a reading test and when he couldn’t read cow the teacher directed him to the picture and said ‘what is that?’. He looked blank, looked at the c at the beginning of the word and said ‘a camel?’ So hilarious. He does know what a cow is but I think the view and the fact is was brown rather than black and white threw him. First child to say camel in all her reading tests to date – ah my think outside the square baby!

Milos and marshmallows on a wet day after school.

A box of hexagons at the Sallie Army shop – now I just need some inspiration to go with it…

And people who comment on my blog – this isn’t a hint just a genuine thing that I love. I have to say I’ve been struggling with comments on blogspot lately though – I am reading though!

Op shop finds – isn’t this mug great?

What are you grateful for this Friday?

11 responses

  1. An easy mistake Flip, an easy mistake… cow… camel… same difference!?!
    And oooh that baking looks good!

  2. Loving your list!! Yay for bloggy meetups… and that cup is so cute!

  3. I love your list too.. Bloggy meetups rock!
    And I love the camel…very very cute.

  4. Love the new look!

  5. Rebecca Ansley | Reply

    well i dont need a hint, i always have to much to say! I LOVE your chairs! You are so clever. Love your camel story and your new mug too… also those milo’s look delicious, wish we lived closer i’d be popping in to have one too!

  6. Looks like a bunnikins cup! I still have my childhood bunnikins bowl and passed it on to Bella and Lily has a new set, so typical you got yours at the Op shop. Very inspirational. Love the milo’s too, the girls had them with their dinner tonight as we were home so late.

  7. i read every post of yours as I get them emailed to me- I really enjoy them! Some weeks I write lots of comments on the blogs I read and other weeks I’m lucky just to read a few!

  8. That mug is adorable and put a smile on my face, as did your happy helper in the kitchen 🙂 have a great weekend 🙂

  9. Oh love the new look! So cute to see your wee man in his uniform. Brings back memories for me. [sigh] I feel a bit nostalgic at the moment for those simple days when my kids were in primary school! I do love the mug, and I’m have some inspiration for those hexs. Yes I do, the coolest bags ever. Remind me to show you the picture 🙂 Love you girly, you are just so awesome, I love to stand in your glorious shadow!!!!!!!!!

  10. I love how you kiwi bloggers really connect with each other. A box of hexies ! What a lucky find!

  11. Loving hot milo and marshmallows at our place too! Also having trouble leaving comments on certain blogs too! 🙂 score with the hex blocks!!

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