Weekend Wonderfuls

This weekend I have had the pleasure of hosting the very humble and non-attention-seeking Cat who has made and coordinated a huge number of quilts for cold families in Christchurch.

Of course it wouldn’t be a blogger visit without getting some crew together.

Last night we ate dessert.

Talked loudly (some might call it cackling!)

Swapped stories.

And behaved like girls.

Cat brought some more quilts which was SO exciting for the mamas that received them.  Again I am humbled by the huge outpouring of love and generosity for ordinary people in Christchurch from other ordinary people.

Little Bounce got a VERY special one from Sarah and Lara – it is even called ‘Little Fish’. Thank you, thank you he LOVES it.

Tonight I want to get on with a project for tomorrow’s make my week.


4 responses

  1. I sooooooooo need that rhubarb receipe please! That was divine! And I’m so in love with my quilt (haven’t decided which daughter to give it to yet!) thankyou so much cat!

  2. Dude! Wish I was there (aside from the fact I was happy snuggled up on the couch watching a girlie movie with the Boy) the quilts look gorgeous! I reckon you should just keep it Widgey!!!

  3. What an absolute amazing experience to be amongst such fabulously resilient people after all you have been through.
    Thank you so much for hosting me Miriam, Atlas, Bounce & Flip xxx
    PLEASE may I also have rhubarb recipe

  4. Sorry I missed out on dessert – perhaps you should be sharing this rhubarb concoction with the world?

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