This Amazing City

We have been absolutely thrown about by earthquakes today.

We are 4 of us together back as a team making a night of it.

2 boys moved into a ‘new’ warmer room for the night. Beds LOADED up with quilts and blankets.

Amazing, amazing people must have spent the whole afternoon slogging and our power and water have just been restored. I am SO grateful for these people who are probably wondering about the state of their own homes.

Teachers who stay calm and care for the children (some of them hysterical) in their care.

Poor Flip’s teacher started the day with a child wetting her pants on the floor and ended it with a gaggle of small frightened children. Who would choose to teach new entrants. Amazing woman!

I was in Queenspark/Waimairi Beach at the first one and trying to get back to our side of town was hard work – roads a mess, 1 car I saw stuck in liquefaction, bridges and roads closed, traffic all over the place.

The Atlas was able to quickly get to Flip and check on him. They decided to see out the day so we had just got home when the second one struck. I got straight on my bike and went down to spend the rest of the afternoon with Flip and the children in his class as they were collected.

It was so wonderful to leave Bounce with the capable and calm Atlas.

BBQ for tea.

I know tonight will be very cold for some in our city and I hope those people have people caring for them and food to eat.

My love and thoughts for all who live in this amazing city. xx

May I just say so, so thankful for no lost of life and serious injury. Maximum respect to those who have maintained the red zone is not a place for people. Safety matters.

Could be a wiggly night ahead. Might be back to the long drop – yay! The ‘LOVE’ picture is made by Cloud Nine Creative who is a Canterbury crafter and sells on felt, just in case you like it and want to support a Chch artist.


16 responses

  1. So glad you guys are all safe! have been thinking of you, with the Atlas working on the red zone and how shocked your boys were last time.
    Great you have power and water back on. xoxo

  2. so glad you are safe. What a terrible time for you guys.
    Sending you love and prayers for a warm and safe night.

  3. Sarah Red Gingham | Reply

    Oh dear. It’s just awful for you all again. I’m glad your beds are looking cosy and warm with the quilts. How sweet that our one went to your wee lad. I hope it protects him tonight. Safe night for you all and hopefully a quieter day tomorrow. We are thinking of you.

  4. So glad you have power back on and will be warm. Love you all. xx

  5. So glad to hear you are all ok. Hope you have a peaceful night. Thinking of you lots. Lots of love xxxxx

  6. Thinking of you all tucked up and strong in your love for one another. I hope you manage to get some sleep x you are amazing to be writing this post and the ‘Love’ quilt is beautiful. Take care x

  7. Was so glad to get your email and know that you are all safe. Huge big hugs to you, Atlas and your beautiful boys. Remember, if you need anything just give us a shout. We have water, power and are not being shaken about too much today (apart from the 2 big ones)

  8. thinking of you and your family along with everyone in Christchurch, hope you get some sleep tonight under those special quilts x

  9. Oh man, I could not believe it when I heard that chch had been hit with another 6.0
    Just so hard for you guys down there; grateful of course for no loss of life… thinking of you all and will keep our eyes open for any ways we can help.
    I’m sure there are lots of people up here who would love to host anyone who is needing a break. please let us know.

  10. Ditto to what Simone said – if you need some respite xxx

    Your post had me in mixed emotions – knowing I left your safe happy home this morning, seeing the LOVE print and knowing where it was sitting and how it is now.

    Please know we are thinking and praying for you all xxx
    Stay warm xxx your resilience amazed me over the weekend and continues to amaze me.

    Cat, Mr B, Philosopher and Tsunami

  11. That’s a bit sad to see the glass on you’re print cracked 😦 Its hard to feel strong enough to deal with all of this again. But we are. And we will. Thanks for stopping by today – oh and on better news, I got the right antibiotics and am starting to feel better – yah! xx

  12. Glad that you are all ok. I am praying for you all and for the people in ChristChurch
    Debbie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  13. Rebecca Ansley | Reply

    loads of love to you all x x x Thanks for posting, was wondering how you all were. Lots of pray & hugs to you x x x x x x

  14. Lovely post – well said!

  15. Hang in there! Thinking of you all over there!

  16. Heya sweets, thanks for your message.
    We stayed at home for about half an hour after the second one then high tailed to James’s and just stayed there the night. I don’t have any way of heating my place with no power, and he never loses power in the quakes! Go the westside (westside??) lol
    So glad to hear you are ok.
    Rolling up our sleeves again and taking a deep breathe for this broken city….

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