Book Of The Month June

This month I really enjoyed my read – c/o the library.

Made From Scratch is written by Jenna Woginrich.

In it she explores what it is to be a country girl in a city job and home.

Throughout the book she tries different things to make her ‘homestead dream’ come true.

The book itself is easily read and has some very good information and guidance for people wanting to explore chickens, bees, growing their own food and making their own music, amongst other things. Jenna also has a blog but I am assuming from the picture on the header (different now from when I first looked at it) that she now does have a homestead of her own.

The book is American so there are parts, particularly resources that don’t really relate to those outside of the US. Definitely a good read for anyone wanting to live a more self-sufficient and sustainable lifestyle.

It has got some recommended reading though which has led me to discover a new author for next month’s book… more about that in July.


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  1. You’ve been on my mind – hope you are all coping xxx
    Lots of love to you

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