Men In The Kitchen

Call me sexist, call me old-fashioned …

But I tend to be a pink and blue and yellow jobs kind of lass.

Yellow jobs are everybody jobs (although most often done by The Atlas) – dishwashing, toilet cleaning, laundry…

Blue jobs are man jobs (always done by The Atlas, except under extreme duress!) – eg – compost, outdoor jobs, fixing stuff, technical stuff – I don’t want to do them and I don’t care how many women have burned their bras to prove I can – I don’t like ’em.

Pink jobs are jobs that require some appreciation of aesthetics (These are MY domain) eg – bed making, he can do it but it never looks nice, baking, and actually I must confess I am the most efficient iron wielder in the house-hold, table setting for ‘company’, menu planning…

The Atlas is super capable and he certainly does a better job at the dishes – bench is always spotless when he is finished and his toilet cleaning leaves mine far behind (pun intended, possibly!)

Neither of us dust.

But as he said to me this evening ‘there’s a butcher in every man’. Dressed in my yummy mummy apron, listening to music and chopping a lamb leg. He’s all man.

I like our approach to the house. Yes it might seem stereotypical but it’s a happy balance and I am NOT going to start putting the compost out – I’m too busy licking chocolate brownie mixture off my fingers.

My man has his role in the kitchen but it’s well-defined.


8 responses

  1. LOL you are such a darling family xxx I LOVE and BELIEVE in the way you run your home! We are VERY similar (apart from the face I have a cleaner)
    They wasted bras burning them in my honour – I’m HAPPY being at home running my home for my Mr B and kidlets.
    BTW I gave this to Mr B to read and he also smiled at how similar we are . . .

    ps: how cold was it in that kitchen? The Atlas looks cold!

  2. Loving a man who can pull off a “Yummy Mummy” apron!

  3. Love it! And I think I might suggest the ‘colour scheme’ to my man too!

    So cute!

  4. Rebecca Ansley | Reply

    haha i love it!! Go the pink blue yellow jobs, i’m with ya 100%

  5. Maybe things like dusting could be the black or grey jobs?? I would like to add “wiping down the walls and skirting” to the black/grey jobs!

  6. Hello, thanks for coming to see me ;0)
    ‘Neither of us dust’ Heh! We have a division of labour of sorts here too, although we always fight over/for the ‘aesthetic’ jobs, which is the only time when I wish for a more traditional division of labour!
    I’d love to join you local bloggers anytime you have a meetup x

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