Make My Week #24 Lazy Lion

OK so sometimes this feels like the only post I am reliable at doing!

Does it seem weird to anyone else that we are at week 24 already? Like 2 more weeks until halfway point! I have to say managed to have a pretty ‘adventurous’ year here so far – hoping for a calm, healthy, steady last 6 months to 2011.

This is a soft toy I was commissioned to make a while ago but I couldn’t show it until I knew it had reached its final destination.

It’s ‘reversible’. Awake on one side.

Asleep on the other.

I’m quite keen on this lion actually. He posed some difficulties, which is want to happen when you don’t use a pattern and don’t have the best ‘spatial awareness’!

I hope his soon to be born little owner has many a happy time drooling on him – I think the tail looks quite chewable.


7 responses

  1. I can hear your mighty lion roaring from here! Love the sleepy face 🙂

  2. That is very cute. Well done!

  3. So cool you clever chook

  4. Love the lion! I saw a crocheted one recently and also fell in love. It was just the head though and this one is the whole lion. Clever you!

  5. Very cool – love it!

  6. wow, that is cool, especially as made with no pattern. The colours look great together x

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