Family Night – Creative and Unique

So I’ve been a bit slack about sharing these with y’all. We only been slightly less slack at doing them!

Tonight was the kind of night a family night seems like a great idea.

It’s grey (gray? Who knows!!??) and cold outside.

We had burgers and chips – chips are a major treat! On our star plates (from the $2 shop rather than the flash ones)

We made cupcakes this afternoon and after talking about how we are all different and the Creator who stamps us with creative abilities we did our own creating.

Then we collectively ate a chocolate bunny! Reason for the chocolate bunny? What can I say when Easter isn’t about bunnies and in June you see Lindt bunnies at the local supermarket for $2 – you feel no guilt (well possibly some marginal calorie guilt!). Especially when the receipt records the normal price as $7.99!!

Flip also decided to share some stories with us on our family night.

I love that the boys feel like these nights belong to them too. It’s a bit sad we haven’t been as regular as we’d like to be but every week with one is one closer to our goal.

Best part of the night for me – watching my boys (big and small) snuggled up together listening to the 4 (!) books he brought home in his reading folder.

What things do you do with your family as a ‘team’?


One response

  1. Sounds like a great night. I’m glad you posted about your family nights again – I enjoy hearing about them. What do we do as a team? Can’t think of many really exciting examples but lately the boys and I have been hopping on our bed in the morning and reading/looking at our bibles together. Lasts about ten minutes but still, it’s pretty sweet!

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