Do I, Don’t I?

While I realise not everyone or even anyone who reads this blog may be interested in my wardrobe clearly I am!

SO…I am thinking about challenging myself to do a 30 outfits, 30 days challenge for a bit of fun. (Thanks Maddie for the cool title!)

We can’t make these things too simple now though can we? Clearly I do wear clothing every day (no nudists in this camp!) so what is the point of doing a challenge like this? Exactly why I need some parameters. It also makes it more exciting than just taking a dodgy photo of myself in the mirror every day.


A while ago Widge commented on my Kids Clothing Week Challenge posts (yes, I still owe it 2 hours) and asked if making clothes for kids was cheaper than buying – short answer yes and no. Longer answer it really depends how you shop and how you make.

e.g if you always shop at Pumpkin Patch and designer stores, or buy cool handmade stuff – yes making would certainly be cheaper or at least comparable. If you buy all your kids clothes from The Warehouse, K-Mart and Op-Shops and on sale then making would probably be more expensive

BUT – here’s the rub (notice use of Shakespeare there???)

The same can be said for sewing – if you buy every pattern new ($10-30) and then buy expensive fabric, notions (sewing speak for zips and the like) your handmade clothes will be cool but they will also be pricey. If you use fabric from your stash, from other people’s hand-me-downs or cut up old adult clothes AND then you use thrifted patterns or make it up as you go along it is going to be definitely cheaper to clothe your progeny.

This approach also works for quilting, dressing adults and other crafty pursuits.


How does any of this relate to MY clothing challenge then?? Well I was thinking if I am going to do a clothing challenge it won’t be about showing people where to shop (surprisingly I buy very little by way of clothing) to get my awesome look. It will be more about me exploring and creating new outfits from my wardrobe as it exists.

The parameters will be:

a – handmade

b – op-shopped or thrifted

c – hand me downs (yes I still get HEAPS of these mainly from my mum and sisters – I realise this makes me sound sad and frumpy – I hope to prove otherwise)

d – special focus on gifted items, cheap things, repurposed and  free things

This challenge will not be about ‘working your capsule wardrobe’, unless under duress this would NEVER be my choice. I like variety, I like change and I like to wear something different all the time.

I do not have ‘a look’.

So, do I don’t I?? I would have to thread these posts in through my regular (or semi regular!) posts because I’d hate to lose a fan like Grandad (who I know tunes in for Flip and Bounce more than clothes and quilts!) or any other, ahem, ‘fan’ who might not be entirely captivated by a month of outfits many people wouldn’t leave the house in.

Should I include hosiery (no that isn’t underwear!), shoes and accessories? Also do I start now (which is what I want to do!) knowing that we have a family snow holiday coming up where I will have to take a break – seriously how many photos in ski pants are you interested in seeing me in??? I ask you!

Maybe I could post once a week with a summary or should I post daily? I guess if it was weekly it would give you a chance to give me some feedback on your favourites! I think some bloggers do a wardrobe Wednesday so I could link up with them and if this is boring you to tears you could just avoid Wednesday reading……

If you are a blogger would you join in too? Would it make you more intentional about dressing-up a bit for life? I have no idea how to make a linky so it would be more about commenting and visiting each other.

If you have read all the way to the end of this marathon post – I salute you dear friend in fashion!


7 responses

  1. definitely ‘do’! After having 3 babies in the last 4 years my fashion style has been a bit limited so I am excited this year to get a bit of style back in my wardrobe. Would love to see your ideas as I am not a big clothes shopping fan (would rather buy house stuff or crafty stuff) so ways of making clothes already in my wardrobe more interesting would be great! I am thinking of doing one of my ‘organised home projects’ again soon after a big break and my wardrobe is top of my list!

  2. DO DO DO DO DO!!!!! But I’m not sure: is it a different outfit everyday for 30 days, or just an outfit that fits your parameters every day?
    FYI – you most definitely DO have a look – like everyone who does it doesn’t mean some days you opt for jeans and a hoodie – that doesn’t negate other days.

  3. That should read: doesn’t mean some days you don’t just opt for jeans and a hoodie – needs the double negative to make sense!

  4. Yes please! I have lots of fond memories of our “communal flat wardrobe” and would love to be inspired by your style again. And I would like to see shoes, accessories, make up … everything please! Sounds lots of fun. Can’t wait xx

  5. Oh, you definitely should! Are you a fan of Kendi Everyday? She does this every so often. And it’s INSPIRATIONAL. And yes, I’m very interested in what you come up with. Oh, and I do ‘try hard style posts’ on the odd occasion. This month, every day. xx

  6. Do it! Oh and setting up a linky can be free and relatively painless.

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