Shake, Rattle and Sprint

Last night we spent some time in sprint training.

Step one: be woken by a violent aftershock

Step two: leap out of bed very quickly

Step three: sprint down the hallway to check on your children

Step four: repeat steps 1-3 several times

Step five: wake up tired

Could be a pj day here I think. I hope all others in Christchurch are ok – peace and rest to you all xxxx


8 responses

  1. Hugs! It was no fun was it!!! Were the boys still asleep?
    We both jumped up and legged it to Rascal’s room but she was fast asleep (phew!) I checked with her this morning and she hadn’t felt it. Thank God for small mercies 🙂
    I see that they have changed the location. Originally they said it was centred near Akaroa, but they’ve changed it to Halswell/ Prebbleton… makes a lot more sense!

  2. Snap!
    Our kids slept through too, just stood in their doorways panicking quietly 😉

  3. The most frightening so far for us out here in Rangiora, and strangly our wee girl slept thru the large shock, but then woke for what seemed every little aftershock. Oh, so so tired zzzz x

  4. Another night we could have done without in Christchurch. Glad you are OK.

  5. Sarah Red Gingham | Reply

    Oh you poor tired mums! Love to you all down there xxx May tonight be nice and quiet for you all.

  6. Our thoughts are with you all… hoping things settle down quickly this time :-(.

  7. Oh no! I can just imagine every time you get an ‘aftershock’ how much it must put your heart into your throat. It’s living life on the edge, but not in a good way. Thinking of you honey, and hoping those mini quakes leave poor Christchurch alone. xx

  8. Frightening!! I hate earthquakes with a passion and growing up in Wellington was no stranger to them…..I get goosebumps every time I hear about the aftershocks.

    Keep safe.


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