Teatowels, The 80s and Air-brushing

A couple of years ago I picked up a very cool Di and Charles teatowel at an oppy. (I just need to say I am SO ahead of my time!)

I whipped up this wee cushion for the couch out of it last night.

Does it strike any of you as ominous that Diana is already portrayed as a bit sullen and sulky looking and Charles seems to have been airbrushed to a younger,  more sauve, handsomer version of himself? Reminds me of the election posters for Ms. Clark a few years ago (no offence intended to her or either of the royals!).

I am quite liking the latest addition to our growing cushion collection.


5 responses

  1. I like this cushion! Very royal and up with the times, not to mention it matches your couch! Send a photo and letter to NZ House and Garden. xx

  2. Cool! And yip thought exactly the same thing about Diana.
    P.s you were in my dream last night!!! Feel spesh? 😉

  3. Rebecca Ansley | Reply

    love it!

  4. Love it!! – what a great cushion! – mm lol better get some William and Kate teatowells??!

  5. There is definately some propoganda objectives at work there. Who would have thought he could be portrayed as a beauty and she as a beast?

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