What’s Not to Love About Christchurch?

Today I am linking in with Juliet’s post about loving Christchurch and Paisley Jade’s things I am grateful for.

5 years ago we were trying to decide from London where we wanted to live and it came down to Christchurch and Wellington. I still love both these cities and I am SO grateful we managed to get work here in Christchurch (well The Atlas did) my work was about 6 weeks old already!

Whilst our land, buildings and people have taken some serious hits in the last year I am still happy to call this city home.

These are some of the things I love about Christchurch.

1. The people are friendly. Of all the cities I have lived in to date I have found this one to be the friendliest and the one in which I have most quickly made ‘real’ friendships. (I do need to say I have amazing friends from all the other cities we’ve lived in, it just took longer)

2. The libraries – oh SO good. New Brighton library has walls of glass that look over the ocean. Our new local library has a cafe and it’s totally acceptable to eat and read magazines in the library.

photo from virtual tourist

3. The Arts and Festival Scene – admittedly this is not what it was but it will revive. Since February I have been to 2 live theatre performances. The city council is always putting on great festivals – arts, blossom, jazz and blues, buskers, kids….. and they ALWAYS include free elements so everyone can participate.

4. The sewing scene is very alive. Before February we had 9 fabric shops I can think of off the top of my head that were within a 15 minute drive (or closer) of where I lived and I know that isn’t counting them all.

5. The environment – this one was a bit of a decider for The Atlas he could potentially surf and snowboard in one day. I adore looking at the southern alps when they have snow on them – truly captivating.

6. Markets – regular and pop-up style there are great markets all over the place in Chch.

7. Cycliability – although sometimes windy because the city is predominantly flat you can really cycle most places and there are lots of good cycle tracks as well.

8. Cool attractions – again perhaps waiting to get back to full capacity but tram, gondola, ferrymead heritage park, willowbank wildlife reserve, orana park, the antarctic centre, fantastic leisure facilities for so cheap $2.50 for an under 5 to swim and the parent is free????, local parks, Hagley park…

9. Gems hidden in the suburbs – in ours we have The Cupcake Collection, The Reading Bug, A fantastic butcher (with facial lamb chops to match the ones he sells)… and these great finds are other places too – things like The Addington Coffee Co-op, The Painted Room, Creative Junk, Under the Red Verandah, Chinwag Eat Thai, The Copper Chime…..

photo from their facebook page

10. The trees – Christchurch is an old city and you can tell by the magnificent trees that are everywhere. I love that people thought that way – to plant trees we could truly enjoy. I adore that Christchurch has REAL seasons and you can SEE them happening.

11. The churches – there are heaps of great churches doing lots of great stuff in their communities and I think for me that says a lot about the spiritual health of a place.


Okay that has turned into a bit of a novel but I know there are other things I love about Chch. It really is a wonderful, if rather battered, city. Wish you lived here???


7 responses

  1. I ❤ Christchurch too! Even when it's ❤ breaking to do so. Nice post!

  2. Totally love that you’ve done this – very special!

  3. Thanks for linking in. Great post with oh so many places that you are going to have to introduce me too 🙂
    I think you are right in saying that people here are ready and willing to open their hearts to new friends. It really gives the place a special feel.

  4. I enjoy reading about what newer residents enjoy about my home town. And it’s great that they’re often the same things that I love.

  5. P.S. I picked up a brochure for Kidsfest the other day… lots of cool things going to be happening 🙂

  6. Wow! I have such fond memories of Christchurch. So many things to love.

  7. What a wonderful ode to your beautiful city. And it is still beautiful…just a little battered and bruised right now. You’ve totally made me want to come and visit all the nooks and crannies that you love 🙂

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