Make My Week #25 – The coolest dining chairs EVER!

Okay a fairly arrogant post title I realise but I am SO pleased with these.

These are the first 2 conversions of our dining chairs. You may remember I re-c0vered the seat cushions a while ago. These are covered in fabric. (Original idea seen at Bolt of Cloth – they also run classes that show a similar way to how I am doing mine.)

I am still learning the process and there are definitely errors on these, my first 2 attempts.

I have had conversations that have helped (thanks Pop!) to work out why the problems occurred.

As a change from usual I am working slowly and carefully and of course being that we use these daily I can only work on one at a time or we won’t have any chairs to sit on.

I LOVE these so much and I am very excited about the idea of having a WHOLE set of them. (all different, of course!)

ps – I was asked for a tutorial for doing the bus coasters I will do one soon.


6 responses

  1. these are by far THE coolest dining chairs ever! Love the green

  2. They are VERY cool. So clever. How did you do them?????

  3. These are even more amazing in person! I love them!! !! !!

  4. These are OUTSTANDING! wow! I hope you are really happy with them cos you should be!!!

  5. Love them, you clever girl.
    And those cakes also, btw look AMAZING. my kids were like ‘aaaawwwwww, YUUUUUM!!!” coz their own mother never bakes lol

  6. These chairs are so you! 🙂 would love to come and try them out some time LOL

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