30 Days, 30 Outfits. Post #1 outfits 1 – 7

Okay ladies (and gentlemen!) here it is:

Just before we get started here are the facts and other stuff……

30 days, 30 outfits – 30 different outfits hopefully mostly handmade, given, hand-me-downs, opshopped or re-purposed.

I am 33, size 12 mainly – 12-14 top, 11-12 bottom half.

I wear mascara every day. I don’t own foundation (I think I probably should at my age). I sometimes wear eye-shadow and lipstick. I wash my hair every second day which means I also wear it up every second day! It is many months since I have been to the hairdresser so my hair is pretty much ‘natural’.

I like to wear heels but I don’t much because my boss (2.5yrs) doesn’t want his fingers crushed. I bike my 5 yr old ‘Flip’ to school every morning. I sometimes wear a skirt on the bike – like the time I fell off it at the bike stands on top of my son with my other son (Bounce 2.5) on the back.

If I know when, wear and what I paid for something I will tell you. If I know the pattern company and number for something I have made I will tell you.

Having started this I have realised the biggest challenge is going to be the photos. The Atlas leaves and arrives home when it is dark and my boys, though gifted, are not the height I need – so I persevere with self-portraits! (Which is why I don’t have a head in most of them).

Outfit One:

Dress – Annah S, given to me about 8 years ago this is its first wear. I decided I had to actually wear it before I put it in the clothing bag!

Opaque black tights possibly older than 8 years – still in tact!

Black undertop bought from Lane Walker Rudkin sale last year/ a couple of years ago $8

Boots hand-me-down – were a very bad length on me so I ‘Gok’d’ them: cut them off at the ankle and folded the cool gold lining to the outside – I always get comments when I wear these boots.

accessories – necklace gift from Scottish rellies in the Charles Rennie MacKintosh style, Silver gate braclet from my Grandmother, Silver bangle bought at an op-shop/clothing boutique in a tiny town on the way to Alexandra 2010 $20, Fringe – cut it myself this morning. Wedding ring – designed by us- handmade Manuwatu Manufacturing Jewellers, Engagement ring – Cameron’s Jewellers also Palmy Nth, Measurement ring and gift from some very special friends – art gallery in Napier.

Jacket – pretty sure this originated at an op-shop but I can’t remember if it is also a hand-me-down from my sister. Has very cool flower details on the pockets and a slight puff sleeve.

Evaluation – very good hand-me-down factor. Shape of the dress not a massive winner on me, length is good, love the boots with the tights (brown and black is NOT a combo I would have done until recently). I love the clanky sound the bangles make – it makes me feel posh.

Outfit two:

Cardi – hand-me-down from sister, bought at the Lane Walker Rudkin closing down sale about 2 years ago.

Singlet – Jay-jays bought about 4 years ago for about $8. Very long.

Skirt – bought from Dress for Success garage sale (charity to help women back into work) $15

Tights – hand-me-down from sister. Not sure how old they are.

Shoes – $9 from the warehouse covered in black sequins. 2 years old.

Accessories – bangle from yesterday. beads – belonged to my grandmother – 1st wear.

Evaluation – not loving the photo. I do feel a little conservative in this. I think it does look better in real life though. I also gave myself a fringe cut today and I like it. Apart from the terrible hair and bad angle I also look like I have had lip injections!!!

Outfit Three

Top – organic cotton from Shanton last year about $20 I think. Love the colour.

Skirt – bought the fabric at Spotlight in Hawkes Bay about 7/8 years ago and made then. Only just started wearing it again. Love it.

Gumboots – this is what Bounce and I wore for jumping on the tramp together. They belong to The Atlas but mine have heels and take longer to get on and off.

Brown boots – bought last year from an outlet shop in Sydenham mall – $20.

Jacket – see outfit one. Brooches – metal from Korea, other one I needle felted last year or the year before.

Earrings – topshop UK a gift for Christmas from my sis-in-law. Get heaps of comments every time I wear them.

Evaluation – I like this outfit. Lots of people commented on the skirt. I feel like this is a good mix of wearable and fun for me.

Outfit Four:

Dress – made in 2009 or 2010 from fabric I had been given 8 years ago but loved too much to do anything with it for a while. I used a top pattern and just made it longer.

Boots/Shoes – bought at No.1 shoes about 3 years ago probably $15.

Bangle – long necklace of plastic beads bought from Marsden School Fair in Wtgn 2011 for 50cents. Earrings- mother of pearl oblong set in silver, gift from sis about 8 years ago. Sunglasses $3 from a dollar-saver shop.

Evaluation – this dress is SO comfy and I adore the colour and the fabric. This dress reminds me that simple can still be great. I really should do something better with my hair.

Outfit Five:

Dress – vogue pattern based on a vintage design. Made last year. Fully lined but actually very easy to make. Made from brushed cotton – mechanic meets 1950s housewife! Also has internal side pockets which makes me feel SO editorial!

Beads – all from Marsden school fair 50c per strand – about $3 total.

Tights – opaque navy, still owned from when I worked at a chemist at high school (yup I keep stuff for SO long!)

Shoes – same as outfit 2.

I also wore a cobalt blue ribbon wound round one wrist over and over.

Evaluation – this dress is a bit looser than it used to be, which is good in some ways but not as flattering. I love that is circles right out when I spin around – makes me feel girly. The dress itself comes in at the waist which you can’t tell in the photo. It’s better with heels but I was taking the under 5s for church so practicality won out in the end.

Outfit Six:

Top – made from a offcast of a friend’s fabric stash. Cut from another top. See ‘The Lazy Girl’s New Top’ post if you want to see how I made it.

Shorts – made from a new look pattern 2 years ago

Tights – a gift from a friend about 8 years ago.

Boots – my ‘punky’ boots. Bought from a store in Christchurch about 10 years ago.

I did have beads on but I had taken them off by the time I took the photo. Before you completely freak about my ‘taste levels’ (as Heidi would say on Project Runway). I run a music group for under 5s every Monday and this is my ‘uniform’. I wear the shorts and crazy tights every week – hey it gives me a reason to keep the tights I am WAY too grown up to own. I did do my supermarket shopping in this outfit afterwards though. So you can see – NO shame! (although I nearly didn’t post the photo because I don’t like it and I AM vain!)

Outfit Seven:

oops! I deleted the photo before I saved so you’ll have to make do with the detail only shot below.

Top: Hand-me-down about 3 years ago. First bought from Jeans west – I have a pink one too. Dark brown singlet underneath from a clothing swap.

Skirt – handmade from a simplicity pattern about 10 years ago (I know can you believe how long I keep all my clothes???) Straight stretch denim with a contrasting band across the bottom of the skirt.

Boots and necklace see outfit 3.

Rings – the one you can see was a gift from my work when I left in 2003. I chose it from Cameron’s jewellers in Palmerston North. It was about $300 I think. I was also wearing a plain silver band with stones set into it that The Atlas bought me in Austria.

Evaluation – I like this top on me and I think overall it’s an okay shape but maybe I am ready to finally retire this skirt – I do get nice comments when I wear it but I do hardly ever wear it. My sister and I share a love for clothes and she often gives me things (see all this weeks hand-me-downs) when she has got to saturation point. I think that happens from time to time with clothing. It’s not the it has run out of wear or isn’t ‘in’ anymore you’ve just over-worn it and it’s time for someone else to love it.

So that’s the week! Having just spoken about something being ‘in’ or not – I don’t really do fashion intentionally, if I like stuff I wear it and if I don’t then I don’t. My worst dressing situation is uniform – where’s the room for individuality???? I wouldn’t describe myself as ‘fashion-forward or edgy’ perhaps quirky, definitely individual.

Shall I do it all again next week?? Do we continue with 30 days and 30 outfits and declining photos? What do you think… Anything you’d like to see more of – crazy tights?? Hand made?? I might do a week of coats and jackets?? Yes/No


14 responses

  1. You are So Cool! And super styely. Can you put
    My name on that clothing bag you biff??????!!!!!

  2. Yay! I was so worried this was just going to be one outfit – love a post full of outfits! A post full of accessories would also be cool – closeups on rings, bags, shoes etc… Keep it up!

  3. Great stuff. You look super sexy in outfit number one! Keep on going – it’s great to see you all your funky outfits. xxx

  4. Ok, so I am feeling EVEN MORE dissatisfied with my wardrobe having seen your amazing creations!!! Such a great variety of clothes and they all look amazing on you! Love the Gok inspired boots and loving seeing a bit of Charles Rennie Macintosh in NZ- you can’t escape the Scots!!!

  5. Hey thought you might like to check out this blog (if you haven’t already) iammommahearmeroar.blogspot.com She is having a hair week, all sorts of cool ideas for styling hair. Might tie in with your clothes challenge??

  6. Love Love Love a week of outfits
    I certainly have my favs and least favs
    Outfit #1 ROCKED
    Outfit #2 didn’t quite seem ‘you’
    Outfit #6 you are so much braver than me LOL I couldn’t wear that to a supermarket LOL but you ROCK having a uniform for music!
    Overall Evaluation – I need more colour in my life! Black and Grey and Brown don’t really count as colours do they? LOVE the fact you are feminine and funky in your style of dress

  7. Enjoyed reading the comments. Don’t get rid of the first dress it looks good.

  8. I liked this! Outfit 4 is my fav along with the top from outfit 7. P.S you have GREAT legs, haha!

  9. Hi Miriam. Thanks for your message on my blog – I am really looking forward to doing the swap. I love your wardrobe BTW : )

  10. You inspired me today! I wore high heeled boots (and almost died in pain) to do my grocery shopping instead of my usual frumpy flats…dug out a shirt I’ve never worn before and got complimented on how good I looked by someone I hadnt seen in a while. booyah!

  11. Rebecca Ansley | Reply

    i love it all… keep it coming!! You are sooo creative!! x x

  12. Wow, I imagined reading this blog at the speed you normally speak (I have no idea why, but I did)…it was pretty full on! I think that a week of coats and jackets is a great idea. Maybe you could do a week of your favourite colour or a week of reinvented clothing – I’m guessing that you have quite a few items that you have re-engineered or altered to suit you.

  13. Hi Lovely, YES DO MORE! The first outfit is great on you! I love the way it site, really nice – love the purple tights very cool! I think you need to do a week just on all your famous tights!

  14. […] If you want to see the first post and read about my general size, etc go here. […]

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