Chronicles of the Lego Lovers

Growing up with 3 girls in the house we never really had Lego. My Gran did though and I have fond memories of the shutter windows and the bunches of flowers (yip, pretty much the stereotypical girls!).

The Atlas on the other hand still has his VERY precious Lego collection that his grandparents bought back from overseas for him when he was a small boy. Recently he and Flip have started to share the joy of making Lego creations together.

Bounce is the quintessential boy when it comes to trucks and vehicles – he wants trucks and cars built for him ALL the time. In terms of traditional Lego he’s a bit small to manipulate the pieces yet.

We also have a little bit of the Lego duplo which is often used with the plastic animal collection to make ‘farms’.

SO….imagine our delight and joy when we got home yesterday and discovered a parcel for our reviewing pleasure. Lego Duplo the Marketplace pack. Woohoo, Whoop, Whoop! Bounce said to me in his very serious way ‘very exciting mum, ohh precious’.

We mustered up all our self-control and waited until Flip was home from school and then the boys and 2 friends got into the box.

The great thing about this size of Lego is that it is easy to manipulate for small hands and of course it is compatible with the other stuff we already have.

As a teacher I appreciate the fact that though the pieces are quite specific they can be put together in many ways and also the box itself has several different layouts photographed. This really appeals to Flip who loves to follow a plan and put things together but also means that as a toy it leaves room for imaginative play and creative assembly.

The girly side of me like the scene – flowers and crates of apples with a proper umbrella – it’s very ‘role play’ friendly which is also a favourite style of play for this age group.

Bounce spent ages this morning playing with the truck and loading pieces in and out of it – he was especially enamoured of the cat and the ‘lady’ (she/he has a pink top). I can see him and I will have some fun playing shops with the ‘cash re’ (cash register) as we explore it more.

Just for the record, every Friday night we try to have a family dinner, for the last 3 this has pretty much been the default setting – ladies talk, men make Lego creations (for the boys to enjoy the next day, of course!!!). Of course Pop and Uncle Alex are big enough for the ‘real Lego’ now. It’s Ma, Aunty Nommy and I that will be playing with the crates of corn cobs, the cash register and the flowers next week.

Thanks Lego Duplo – they have recently released this pack and others too if you or someone you know would like a bit of creative, intergenerational playing. Apples anyone??


6 responses

  1. Super cool…we love Lego in this house too. I love that the colour palette has become so much more interesting than just the primary colours back in the old days – although old skool still has it’s appeal too!

  2. I grew up with two sisters, too, but we always had heaps of Lego and Duplo. Best toys ever (okay, so maybe Barbie often won out over Lego, but my parents certainly had their fair share of those middle-of-the-night ouch moments only possible when kids have been at the Lego). And definitely great for the big ‘kids’ too… 🙂

  3. Very cute photos of kids of all ages! The duplo looks fantastic. xx

  4. We love Lego in this house too

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