Make My Week # 26 Another Dining Chair

I promise it won’t be chairs for the rest of the year! (Seriously, 26 dining chairs that could be overkill!)

This is the latest.

This chair has been in my possession since before I can remember. The seat was all split and I had to get The Atlas to putty it up for me.

The fabric I covered it in is a bit I picked up at an op-shop for about 50 cents not too long ago.

I love the deco kind of feel of the fabric. I think this is my favourite so far. I definitely have 2 more to do and then I’ll have to be on the look-out for some more chairs.

I’d love to have about 8-10 of these around and about so we can have a chair for everyone when we have a dinner party.

Talked to my step-dad about doing some custom-made (he is a carpenter/builder) ones for little people’s rooms. He’d make the chairs, I’d cover them – could be fun for some pocket-money. Do you think??

But for now I am just very happy with my own – makes me happy every time I take someone into the kitchen.

6 responses

  1. Love this one – awesome colours (love them all, but this is my favourite so far)!

  2. I LOVE it! It’s just lovely! And agree, love the colours

  3. Did I just say the word love/ lovely 3 times in my comment???? Yikes. That’s just…..lovely.

  4. Very cool. And a great idea about little kids chairs – how cute would they be! Maybe you could even do stools? Might be a bit simpler than chairs? (Thinking money earned versus time spent!)

  5. Rebecca Ansley | Reply

    these chairs look amazing!!! well done!!! x x x

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