Good Intentions Tuesday

I was reading a post of Deb’s the other day and she was talking about having little baskets of good intentions around the house and I thought – oh yes that’s me too. Many intentions, many more distractions….

SO here I am deciding to do something pro-active about my intentions. I figure if I think of 10 intentions I want to achieve and then I can try to tick one off each Tuesday.

Do you have any good intentions you’d like to share???? (of the jobs completed variety rather than someone you are about to propose to!)

Will you join in with me and try to get 1 done each week for the next few weeks?

Let me know in the comments what your intentions are and we can make them happen together.

My Good Intentions:

1. Fix/ re-style a coat I never properly finished in 2004

2. Soak and iron a selection of doilies and old linen that need sorting

3. Starch some words to the back of the toilet door

4. Finish Flip’s quilt (been meaning to do this since last year!)

5. Finish the 3 things I still have cut out waiting for KCWC

6. Go through my jewellery and the baskets on my dressing table and get rid of the stuff I don’t want

7. Mend some of The Atlas’ jeans – I’ve had these on my pile for so long I think he’s forgotten about them

8. Overlock, shorten and mend a dress I made where the fabric is all fraying.

9. Finish the little gingham hearts with stitching on them I started in February

10. Finish the car cushion cover I started for Bounce’s bed.

Will you join me????? Go on I know you have some things lurking in the back of the cupboard taunting you…. Or is it only Deb and I with this problem.

I look forward to having all these complete (in no particular order!) in 10 weeks time.


9 responses

  1. Great idea! I’m in! I’ll try and post later today.

  2. Love the re-design!:) Seems to be much more “you”

    I read Debs original post on this and literally “urgh!”ed. This is so me as well. I have so many good intentions, but the trouble is I’m such a beginner I basically have to learn everything before I do it. And learning takes so much more effort.

    Perhaps I’ll make a list and join you in this… Perhaps I wont. I’ll see where the day takes me 😉

  3. oh man I have a million that plague me everyday…I don’t think it will still make me do them though. Maybe I should just make myself a badge and wear it everyday.. Biggest procrastinator ever

  4. Hmmm – I’ll have a think about it and come back to you! I am NOT crafty/arty at all, so I have none of those ‘intentions’ lurking, but I am sure there are many others hanging around somewhere… but need to think it through and make a decision about WHAT I can actually do ;-)!

  5. Yes I’m in. I think I’ll do a post too. I’ll pick the first 10 eh!

  6. I just put mine up. I took my camera and photographed the first 10 things i saw. I’m sure I could find more but at least the most urgent ones are on!! Thanks so much for the inspiration.

  7. I have many good intentions!… Clean up the garage and get rid of possessions has got to be up there!

  8. OK so I can’t promise I’ll do all of these. The fact that I am currently unemployed means I have been more productive than I usually would, BUT still some procrastination going down. 1. Weed the garden. 2.finish knitting the jersey and blanket I’m working on (you know they’re going to take a lot longer than 10 weeks). 3. Make some draft stops. 4. Go through my box of letters and cards and minimise this down to the bare essentials. 5. Minimise all other keep sakes to one small box, add letters to this. 6. buy a bed off trade me for our spare room. 7. email friends in Seoul x3. 8. finish hanging pictures on the wall. 9. go swimming. 10. Write my bible study for next Tuesday. There. did it. If only doing things were this easy.

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