30 Days, 30 Outfits # 2 outfits 8-14

If you want to see the first post and read about my general size, etc go here.

Outfit Eight:

Dress – Handmade by me. It’s actually a maternity top pattern which I made into a dress while I was pregnant with Bounce. I really like it and it’s super comfy so I still wear it.

Top – handmade charcoal stretch. Made it ages ago it’s a good wardrobe staple.

Tights – footless tights hand-me-down from my sister.

Shoes – bright blue sparkly flats $9 from the warehouse. I’ve worn them so much they are coming apart – **sigh**

Accessories – necklace is from a store called Balckbird in Heathcote Valley – $24, Rings – arrow

Evaluation – I love the colour in this dress, it is so easy to wear and it’s quite a nice shape even though it’s officially maternity wear.

Outfit Nine:

Dress – hand-me-down from my sister she bought it from an op-shop in Hawkes Bay about 9 years ago.

Tights – opaques had them in the wardrobe since highschool!

Boots – The Atlas bought these for me on a trip we took to Milan in 2004 (bless him) they are so comfy. They are Campers so they were pricey (200 euros!!! I would NEVER spend this on shoes but The Atlas pointed out when are we ever going to be in Milan again)

accessories – necklace from my sister-in-law in the UK.  Rings – measuring ring from friends – Hawkes Bay, leaf ring was my Grandmothers and even though she had a HUGE collection of jewellery she almost always wore it.

Evaluation – I LOVE this outfit and I feel so good in it and I always get great compliments when I wear it.

Outfit Ten:

Top – This was a cast off of Deb’s sister it wasn’t quite finished so I made it my own.

Beads – 50cents a strand from Marsden school fair.

Jeans – off cast from a friend.

Belt – 50cents from Salvation Army

Earrings from Sis in law, topshop UK

Evaluation – I do wear my jeans quite a lot but I feel good in them if I have a ‘fun’ top and this so fits the bill for me. I love the colours and the fabric and it doesn’t look like I could have bought it.

Outfit Eleven:

Dress – gift from sister bought 2011 op-shop Kohukohu.

Tights – bought in a cheap shop in Hawkes Bay about 9 years ago.

Boots – Gok’d hand-me-down boots from my sister. Cut them up and folded the lining to the outside.

Evaluation – I wore this to the craft fair this weekend and I felt very good. I love blue and I quite enjoy the ‘theme’d’ colour.

Outfit Twelve:

Dress- bought in 1998 from Glassons for $40 I have had SO much wear from this

Top/Jacket – hand-me-down from my sister.

Tights – also hand-me-down from my sister

Shoes – bought in 2005 from TKMaxx in the UK for about £9. I like a good stiletto heel but you can’t wear cheap stilettos for a whole day!

Accessories – brooches needle felted by me

Evaluation – I like this outfit it feels fun and grown up at the same time and it is SO comfy (except the shoes)

outfit Thirteen:

Music day again.

Top – hand-me-down from my mum Max merino top.

Shorts – handmade by me – my music ‘uniform’

Tights – bought from Farmers in 2009 and hand painted with kaka beak flowers up the sides by me

Shoes – bought in Barcelona 2004 feature a chicken on one and an egg on the other. I think they cost about 26 euros

Beads- I love these beads they were a gift from a 7-year-old I taught. She picked them and I think her mum was a bit embarrassed but I think they are awesome and I get heaps of wear out of them.

Hat – I think this is another hand-me-down from my other sister. I like hats but this is one of the only ones I feel suits me.

Evaluation – pretty good for a music day outfit. I like the general vibe.

Outfit Fourteen:

Top – hand-me-down from a friend about 9 years ago with a singlet from JayJays underneath bought 3 years ago (about $7).

Skirt – handmade by a friend and sent to me when we lived in the UK.

Footless tights – hand me down from my sister – first time wearing them.

Boots- bought in the UK for £15 good for cycling in

Accessories – beads – from my Grandmothers collection, earrings gift from my sister-in-law from TopShop UK

Evaluation – This outfit works for biking in. It’s nice to have some colour in my life. I’m not sure the top is the best look for me… open to feedback on that one!

So there we are week two. Next week is going to be all homemade coats and jackets. Doing this has been making me think about wardrobe gaps – what are your gaps? What do you always need in your wardrobe? What can you never find? What do you always want more of??

10 responses

  1. Clarifications: The dress is from Kaikohe Dress Mart – the op-shop in Kohukohu was closed the day we were there 😦 and rhat hat was from St Vinnies on Stanmore Rd. I wore it during my homey chick phase.
    I always need more tops and jackets – there are never enough and as Alex says they are only one colour at a time – vexing!

    1. Oops – should say Kaikohe Save Mart – always get those two mixed up!

  2. Oh and you look so teeny in that red bolero BTW!

  3. Oooh, outfit twelve is gorge, and I like your Milan boots a LOT (everyone needs Italian boots!). Great idea for a post…inspires me to look into my closet and rediscover my pre-baby wardrobe =)

  4. I am absolutely in love with outfit number nine. And I’ve seen you in it in real life too and can verify how amazing you look wearing it.
    ok those chicken shoes cracked me up !!?!!!! you are awesome. I feel so boring….

  5. Rebecca Ansley | Reply

    can you come and make over my wardrobe?? you have sooooo much cool stuff… i think i’ve lost my mojo somewhere in between giving birth!!

  6. Loving Red Dress and Milan Boots (I have boots equally as expensive from Florence and used EXACTLY same reasoning to justify the cost)
    Loving the Red Balero Jacket over Black dress
    Loving Music outfit and those cute Shoes
    Yes Please Come Up Here And Help Me With My Wardrobe xxx

  7. My fav is outfit nine. I especially love the boots. Now I realise why I can never find any fun shoes – they are in Spain and Italy! That’s just one of the many things missing from my wardrobe – fun shoes. And after seeing all your outfits I see I also have some colour gaps in my wardrobe!! I too, have need of your makeover help 🙂

  8. the red outfit is stunning and really like the last outfit too. am really wanting to inject more colour into my wardrobe after seeing your pics!

  9. I love all the colour full stop and the dress in outfit 11 I totally L.O.V.E!
    I need more colour, more pattern and (sensibly) more long sleeved merino tshirts to wear under stuff to keep warm!

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