Make My Week #27 New Placemats

Sticking with the varnishing theme here.

I decided to use this project to write a tutorial in response to the request after the bus coasters. (Tutorial coming next week)

I picked up an old-fashioned picture type dictionary ages ago from an op-shop.

I let the boys go through and pick whatever page they wanted. No surprises here.

Flip – sign lover chose the signs page

Bounce – Vehicle lover – vehicle page

For The Atlas I chose the sport page. Don’t you LOVE that wrestling and hurdling were considered top sports to put in??

And for me – well who’s to go past a man in uniform???!!!

I also made the boys a coaster each because there were 2 random coasters hanging around in the bottom draw in the kitchen. You know that random draw where weird stuff accumulates?

So now we can have a family meal in real style.

If you want to see other things I’ve been making this year click on the Make My Week title in the right hand column.


One response

  1. super cool. Had a little laugh at your man in uniform comment 🙂

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