30 Days, 30 Outfits #3 Outfits 15-23 Coats and Jackets

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Although not strictly ‘outfits’ I am dedicating this week to coats and jackets. All handmade – I do have rather a lot of jackets and coats in my wardrobe. Well I think I do, how many do ‘normal’ people have?? I have rather more than the 9 I am showing you today.

Whilst it might appear otherwise I do get A LOT of wear out of my jeans. A couple of years ago I was feeling a bit dissatisfied with my dress style/sense. I felt both my sisters were really sure of their ‘look’ but in a job where there is a lot of crawling around on the floor and changing nappies the reality was jeans was pretty much where it was at.

Then I decided on the coat and jacket plan – have a wardrobe with fun coats and jackets and whenever you go out you can still be stylish without abandoning the mama-practical needs.

Outfit Fifteen:

My denim ‘spinning coat’. I made this 3 years ago from a Vogue pattern. The denim was 99cents a metre which was good because I needed something crazy like 5-7m. The lining was about $2 a metre. I adore the shape of this coat, I love the wide collar and the hidden pockets. I think I could do with another one in pea green!

Outfit Sixteen:

My original blanket coat. This idea is totally my own (because I cannot think of anywhere I got the inspiration from). It is made from 2 blankets I bought in an op-shop and some old woollen jerseys also from op-shops, which I used for the applique. Then I just had fun with my embroidery thread. It is SO warm to wear and it is definitely one of a kind. I used a simplicity pattern which I changed around a bit.

Outfit Seventeen:

Furnishing Fabric coat – using the same pattern as above I made this from a piece of fabric remnant I bought from Fabric House (in chch) a couple of years ago. I think the remnant cost about $50 which is HEAPS for me to spend on fabric. The idea for doing the black piping along the collar and front edge came from my step-dad (he’s pretty styly like that). I love the buttons I used as well. I get so many comments every time I wear this coat and they aren’t ‘hey that’s the same fabric as my couch’!! This is probably my most expensive coat I think I worked out by the time I bought the buttons, piping, lining and fabric it came to $70 but cost-per-wear good investment I think.

Outfit Eighteen:

Blanket Coat 2 – I made this for the blossom festival in Alexandra in 2009. It is made from hand-dyed recycled woollen blankets and features cut-away applique and normal applique from old felted jerseys. The rest of the foliage is made by needle felting as are the buttons. The coat itself was supposed to be an exploration of the durability of wool and the imagery of the kaka-beak flower (a NZ native close to extinction in the wild) which is a herald of spring. I get so much wear out of this coat. It is my default coat because I feel like it works with everything.

Outfit Nineteen:

The Airhostess – I made this outfit totally from a box of fabric and bits that was anonymously donated to Kyleigh and I when we were doing the 100 challenges. It had a pattern and both the fabrics in the box. I wear this jacket when I want to channel my inner air-hostess. I love the colour and the shape and the way the fabrics work together. I did buy the buttons which I adore.

Outfit Twenty:

The bolero – for a birthday 3 years ago my mama and sister bought me some Trelise Cooper fabric and I made this. I was taking a wedding and needed something ‘grown up’ for being the celebrant in. I had only just given birth to Bounce (he was 3 months old). For me this is definitely a dressing-up option. I like it but it’s a bit too roomy now (as you would expect now that I don’t have a 3month old!). The fabric and the design are sweet but it definitely doesn’t get as much wear as others in my wardrobe.

Outfit Twenty-One:

The mod – when I was teaching in the UK the parents one year gave me vouchers for John Lewis and I bought the pattern and fabric to make this coat. It’s a bit candy floss and I found the ‘matching’ shoes for £5 in a random shoe shop on a trip somewhere. This coat is a bit puffy (it would have sat better if I lined it) and I don’t wear it often… should I keep it for 60s inspired feminine days or should I pay-it forward??

Outfit Twenty-Two:

Rock Chick/ Riding Chick – I really like the pattern I used for this jacket (well I probably didn’t like making it because it has lots of tricky bits!) the fabric is an off-cast from a project of my sisters. I feel like this is a very specific design so I can only wear it one way which does make it less worn. It’s another one that is a bit big now. I don’t know if it’s really me … feedback welcome.

Outfit Twenty-Three:

Silk Barbie – every now and again I dress in my corporate-barbie style – it’s more prim than naughty librarian but not as conservative as totally corporate. This is another vogue pattern (expensive but they make their patterns well). I made it from a piece of 100% Korean silk that my sister gave me when she was living there. I love the wee flounce at the back and the oriental style of the fabric. I like this jacket for daytime events that are a bit pretty and dressy-up. It really crinkles when you wash it so you definitely have to iron but luckily I don’t wash much.

So there you have it 9 jackets and coats I have made – there are others handmade and op-shopped that might just get a look-in at a later point. I can also think of one jacket I own that I bought brand new but only from Primark in the UK so it was CHEAP. I do like jackets and coats.

If you want pattern number for any of these coats/jackets let me know and I’ll add them into a comment below.

And…how many coats/jackets do you think is about ‘normal’?

8 responses

  1. Wow! What a great selection. My fav is the green blanket coat but I also really like the other ones too – except maybe number 22 – I don’t think it is quite you. Am very jealous of your large selection of coats! I have one long coat and two jackets – but really I don’t have much need of coats up here in the sunny bay of plenty (sorry!) but I do love them! Maybe I should get/make a few more lighter ones to glam up my mummy jean look.

  2. Oh my gosh. you MADE all of those! I love that orange one soooo much!

  3. I love love LOVE the upholstery fabric one – it is stunning, fabulous fabric, and it looks like a $600 coat to me. 😉 (not, I might add, that I would spend $600 on a coat, but I have drooled over a few…)

  4. I’m staggered at how many things you have – do you have your own double wardrobe? I dunno, I’m a chucker outter – if I haven’t worn it in over a year its gone (except for some very very favourite things). I love the swing coat with the shawl collar (first pic I think), the orange brocade, the korean silk – they are good for showing off your waist.

  5. I loved your pictures and your coats and jackets, the photos were wonderful! I miss you,
    Debbie x

  6. Upholstery should def be worn more…it is awesome. The rockstar coat is cool, but as our neighbour would say when she is hoping we’ll get rid of plants that share her fence: “if in doubt, throw it out”. (Note they have paved over their entire section so they walk the talk!!) someone else would love that. Ditto to the candy floss coat, if you’re not sure someone else would prob love it, and that gives you more time for all the other awesome options above.

  7. Hi there. I’d LOVE the pattern numbers you’ve used for your blanket coats. I’m getting inspired!! Cheers, Joy

  8. Wow I love them all what is the pattern number for the green and orange coat.

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