Good Intentions Tuesday # 2

This week I finally finished some cross stitch hearts I started at the beginning of the year.

I whipped up the back to Bounce’s car cushion that I made in February!!!

And I finally re-hemmed and overlocked this little dress so now (after it’s ironed!!) I can start to wear it again instead of feeling obligated every time I see it in the ‘projects pile’.

Not bad considering we were away all last week – it just goes to show doing the intentions is quicker than walking past them 100 times!

How are your lists going? It was great to see what people were getting done last week.

Making any progress?


5 responses

  1. I’ve stuck all (baring the one we just received) all our wedding cards into an album and am some way towards completing the thank you cards. A good thing most people are not formal about this stuff anymore!

  2. Picked up the knitting. Prepped for my bible study. Did NOT go for a swim…lots of intentions to still do that one 🙂

  3. Hmmm – not so much this past week, but we are keeping up with the family meals even if they’re not as inspirational as I’d have liked (it was the week before pay last week *grin*)!!!!! However, we have since been grocery shopping, so maybe this week will be a little better?!?

    I have just realised that I have a whole lot of little projects I want to get done this winter and have not started them – they could so be part of this also! Will be writing a post about that soon – so be on the look-out!

  4. A few days late…

    You should do the linky thing so they all come back to you! No idea how you do that though, but ive seen it done on other blogs??

  5. Thanks! Its only Hanmer, not quite Fiji, but i’ve been looking forward to it for months all the same 😀

    For the links:

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