30 Days, 30 Outfits #4 Outfits 24-30

I can’t believe it’s been 30 days already. I must say it has been SO good for me to make a bit more effort with what I wear every day rather than just on the days I want to look like I am always stylish!

I think my biggest surprises have been – 1. almost all my wardrobe seems to come from my sister and I think we have quite a different look and 2. I haven’t been wearing as much handmade as I would like to think I wear.

Outfit Twenty-Four

Top – Off cast from my sister the top was from Jeans West originally and I wore the blue another week.

Skirt – this is one I made and the felted flowers I made by needle felting. I used a maternity skirt pattern and it is too big and too long so I just hoisted it up and wore it as a dress with the help of some safety pins.

Tights – a re-gift. I bought these for my sister ages ago in the UK and she never wore them and so she gave them back. This was their first outing and I ripped a massive hole in them – not sure if I can redeem them.

Shoes – $9 sparkly flat shoes from the warehouse. They are a bit kung-fu shoe-ish and I’m not sure if I think that is good or bad.

Accessories – necklace I bought in Korea and recently re-discovered. It has 3 little stick figures on it and I love it. I think it was about $20-30. Broche (how do you spell that word????) a gift hand-made and painted from some friends of my parents. So pretty. Earrings are dangly silver threads with little plastic hearts on them (hand-me-down again!). Bangle $20 from a shop in Fairlie – I think.

Evaluation – this was the first time I had put this combo together and The Atlas told me it was ballerina in the morning which I really liked but then someone else told me I looked like I should be on High 5 – not sure that was my aim! Still I love this combo I’m doing it again – possibly with new tights.

Outfit Twenty-Five

Top – merino, Lane Walker Rudkin sale bought 2010

Dress – this is my Deb dress. She used a pattern of mine (1977 pattern – great year!) to make it using some fabric she bought for about $3 from an op-shop. She almost had it done when she realised it wasn’t going to work for her so she paid it forward and I get lots of wear out of it now. The fabric could also make a reasonable shower-curtain – it has that kind of feel to it.

Tights – free from somewhere, probably a clothes swap

Shoes – best purchase ever. On sale from a shop in Merivale mall for $30 down from $120. I have worn them so much I need them re-soled and probably painted too. I get comments EVERY time I wear these shoes.

Accessories – gold chain of my great-grandmothers with a small gold and enamel ball hanging on it that was one of a few my grandmother had. Earrings mother-of-pearl silver drops a gift from my sister in 2003 I think.

Evaluation – this is one of my most worn dresses it works in summer and winter. I like the shape and it’s good because the colour is not completely overpowering so it feels good for a girly but not too in your face kind of day.

Outfit Twenty-Six

Top – merino, hand-me-down from my sister I think it was a glassons one to start with.

Skirt- hand-made by my sister and handed-on to me. The roses are actually 3-d which I quite like but I’m not sure how well they’d stand up to being washed. I need to adjust it some how because it slips off a bit – and I am NOT a low-rider kind of girl.

Tights – pop art, hand-me-down, may be my most favourite tights of all

These tights are so awesome:

Evaluation – I love the bottom half of this outfit I’m still not totally sure I’m getting the top bit right.

Outfit Twenty-Seven

Top – Shanton organic cotton bought in 2009 or 2010 for about $15 I think.

Skirt – handmade by my sister when we were at high-school and I replaced the zip in about 2001. The fabric is a skirt or dress of my grandmothers that my sister cut up (we were at it even then before it was cool!).

Tights – H&M london, they have butterflies on them.

Accessories – seen these all before – bracelet is made by winding a beaded necklace round my hand. You’ve seen the shoes too.

Evaluation – the skirt is rather short! I think it would have worked better with black tights and some more fun shoes (I didn’t have any the right colour!) It’s a bit too much with all the green and turquoise together – even for me.

Outfit Twenty-Eight

Dress – a real retro hand-made (you can tell by the hand stitching around the zip) bought and shortened and handed down by my sister.

Footless Tights – also a hand-me-down (she’s off loading for her OE!)

Everything else you’ve seen recently.

Evaluation – I ADORE this outfit. I feel so good in it and retro but not in a way that feels costumey or like I am trying too hard. I think that can be a real balance to find with retro and vintage stuff.

Outfit Twenty-Nine

Top – hand-me-down from my mama when I was pregnant and sick with Bounce (you know the early days where you have no waist and look awful and can’t tell anyone? Or was that only me!). Very easy to wear but gets awful sweat marks which puts me off wearing it much.

Jeans – Hand-me-down from a friend de-cluttering her wardrobe.

Evaluation – I love this grey on me and I do like the way this top looks in real life but this is pretty mum stereotypical boring mama outfit in my wardrobe. I actually spent the first half of this day cleaning the house in mismatched exercise gear and didn’t shower until 1pm so this was just a muddle through the rest of the day outfit. My paranoia about sweat marks means I should probably pay this forward….

Outfit Thirty

Top – handmade by me from a New Look pattern that is the perfect shape for me. Singlet underneath is so old I think I’ve had it since Uni days.

Skirt – op-shop gift from a friend (2002) who thought it was a bit of me. It came with the most awful matching over-size, over shoulder-padded, brass-buttoned jacket – clearly supposed to be worn as a suit????? It has really neat design details on the back and sort of fishtails out a little towards the bottom. I wore this lots, then lost weight and it got to big, paid it forward to my sister, she lost weight and gave it back by which stage I’d had 2 children and it was too small and now I’m in it again – it’s a skirt that’s been on some journeys!

Accessories – Earrings are the dangly star ones I was wearing the other day, also my ‘joy bell’ necklace which is a bauble with a bell inside it that I probably bought in the early 2000s from a fair.

Shoes – handmade in Korea for my other sister but they weren’t a good fit for her so I got them. Label is ‘Shoes of With’ (I wonder if it was supposed to be worth??

Evaluation – I love the shape this skirt gives me. I think it is super sexy in a librarian-ish sort of way. I like this outfit and I haven’t worn my hair in a bun for ages but I think it works.

Finally – thanks for all your lovely encouraging comments. Cat even sent me a top/cardi she thought I might get more wear out of than she was! Shall I do some random outfit posts during the rest of the year to keep us going or have you seen enough? I personally love a good nosey at outfits on real people and a good rummage in someone else’s wardrobe isn’t off my desired list either.

7 responses

  1. From the whole series outfit 30 was probably my fav! You’re right, that skirt is super sexy and fits your body perfectly! It looks like you’re going out to a fancy dinner 🙂 Reow!

  2. I’ve loved these posts! Go you for being so dedicated to complete the mission. You have such an amazing variety in your wardrobe, and what impressed me most was how many outfits you have that have stayed in your wardrobe over the years…it made me realise how little I have that has stuck around, I tend to wear things for only a couple of seasons and then donate them on…and outfit 28 was my favourite from this post!

  3. Please don’t stop these – they’re so much fun! I’m surprised you didn’t mention the attention you got from the teenaged boys when we were in the mall and you were wearing Outfit #28!!!
    I also like seeing all the clothes that have made their way from me to you or vice versa and back again. One of my friends came around the other day to help with the ongoing cleanout mission and took 5 things with her, three of which she had given me!!! I love how anti-fashion this style of dressing is and I love that, as you say, we’ve been at it since way before it was cool! Does that mean we’re trendsetters or we’ve just always been really cheap?!

    1. IMHO – Outfit #25 needs a big belt to give it some more shape. A little Gok-ing ya know?!

  4. Outfits 28 and 30 definately win my vote for this post. Awesome. But I think the sweaty top orginally came from me. Perhaps via mum? Was very impressed to hear you’d nearly worn the soles off the pink shoes…that is impressive. I love them too, but I was thinking when you bought them, “she’ll never wear them”. Shows how little I know!!

  5. I’ve loved these posts – you have an amazing collection of clothes and shoes. Your pink heels – gorgeous!! And I agree that outfits 28 & 30 are the winners here. Definitely do some random outfit posts 🙂

  6. I love outfit 28 – especially the shoes. It’s so cool, colourful and fun!!! I loved these posts – would enjoy seeing more. xxx

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