And There Was Snow

The kind of snow that kept The Atlas home from work

Real snow





Like Europe snow


This is when you are happy to have a box labelled ‘snow gear’ in the garage because you can go outside and play in the snow at 8am while your mama sits and has a hot drink and thinks about a warm shower.

It is a wonderland right outside every window here.

Happy Snow Day to You. x

The snow is still here today not enough to keep us all home but still lovely – the trees have shaken off their heavy loads and the sun is peaking through.


7 responses

  1. I just wish the snow day wasn’t in the holidays! 😀

  2. Isn’t it just so pretty! And fluffy!!
    I sopent the whole day yesterday in it!

  3. It looks just gorgeous! So jealous – we had the horrid weather without the snow up here in Auckland, but today is glorious!

  4. ditto @ Elizabeth – we had the cold horrid weather, nothing pretty about it. The kind of weather where you take a photo and people question if you used the black and white film.

    The sun has come out today . . .

  5. It was awesome! Great pics, looks like you all had fun : )

  6. We keep joking that we will get snow any day now as our summer has been so rubbish so far! We had snow like that 7 months ago – the kids love it, and yes, I sit inside and drink tea, waiting for them to come back in, freezing and begging for hot chocolate! Enjoy it while it lasts. x

  7. Lovely snow photos full of gorgeous people!

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