Good Intentions Tuesday – on Wednesday

Well there was snow!!

Made some good head roads into Flip’s quilt should be ready for the big reveal Monday.

Got the letters ready for starching to the toilet door – need to wait for a bit warmer weather though I think.

Other than that – it’s holidays so we are keeping busy with important things like painting t-shirts, visiting the library and making signs to keep the pirates away!

I did send off my vintage tin swap though so I’ll show you what I put in it when I know it has been received!

What good intention are you going to make happen this week?


2 responses

  1. Good intentions – Just tried my first NZ recipe which are yummy coconut slices by Jo Seager, I am beginning to love this ladies recipes!

    Spent time with my boys today building lots and lots of lego

    Managed to get a bit of work done too!

    Now onto dinner….. what to make????

  2. This week’s good intention…get a job!! Am working on it. Have one interview lined up, one meeting to talk options at my current place and another couple of good vacancies that came up today….fingers crossed. Next good intention: get in the shower and get to my current place of work for my temp job!!! Never too late for a shower! Love you.

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