Guitar Cake

I have been cooking up some cakes – 3 to be exact – 3 cakes to make 1 large cake.

We have a friend’s birthday and I am on making the cake. I got this idea from the ‘original’ women’s weekly cake book (a classic from my childhood!).

Unfortunately I also used their butter cake recipe which only rises about 2cm – so it’s a bit pathetic looking – ah well, I guess perfection is not attained by many. I must remember just to use a cake recipe I actually like next time.

The birthday boy is a multi-talented and lovely person so I had rather a range of things to choose from but The Atlas and I settled on the guitar being the best choice. The hardest part was finding a flat old-fashioned licorice strap to make the frets.

Happy Birthday Stefan.

Today I am also remembering my Mother-In-Law whose birthday is today. We were always remembering at the last-minute and never getting her present to her on time. This was my year to get it right and I missed my opportunity because we said a permanent goodbye in January. Thinking of you today Cathy – as I often do and remembering you and the special part you played in making The Atlas the man I love.


4 responses

  1. What a gorgeous cake (I own that book!!)
    And a lovely tribute to your MIL – bless –

  2. It looks awesome – nice work! Flat liquorice really needs to be easier to track down. Where did you find it in the end? 🙂

  3. I once made a cello cake which was similar to this. LOVE the way that you did the strings, I think I just iced the strings on.
    I have no doubt that it will make the birthday boy very happy.

  4. Fantastic cake Miriam! I’m sure that the recipient will appreciate the labour of love 🙂 I fully get how much effort goes into these cakes too – I made a bass guitar for my girl’s birthday a few years ago :

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