Costume Party A.B.C – W.T

On Saturday we had a costume party with an A (anything) B(but) C (clothing) theme. Before you completely freak out it means duct tape, rubbish bags, the like…

Prior to the event I have to say I had some costume malfunction concerns a room full of people held together by sellotape anyone???? In all honesty let’s just say the crotch on plastic pants was a let down for a few participants.

I also informed The Atlas in no-uncertain-terms that underwear was compulsory regardless of the theme. And we gave him a very crazy haircut for the event which made him look like a psychopath. (We just did half the haircut we were planning on and finished it this morning!)

To create my costume I used a flour sack, and 2 plastic hospital type sheets which I got from creative junk.

Things I discovered:

1. There is a reason that plastic never really took off for clothing

2. I’m not one of those people ‘who could even look good in a sack’

So what does the W.T stand for? That’s what I went as ‘White Trash’ on so many levels!

And for your, ahem, viewing pleasure?? a selection of shots from the evening:


8 responses

  1. Looking very creative! Loving the outfits .. .. .. my absolute fav has to be the red and white and aqua and white gingham – LOVE!!

  2. Very, very scary!

  3. And that haircut – mamma mia!

  4. Stefan and Johanna.
    There are no words. That woman cannot look bad.
    Actually I kind of wanther ‘dress!!!’
    And Miriam!!! You look AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What a mint night!!!

  5. I’m with Cat on that one!

    The Atlas certainly has a good ‘Almost Psychopathic’ look going on there ;-)!

  6. Rebecca Ansley | Reply

    As usual you look gorgeous!! And yes, gorgeous in a sack!! I must say The Atlas does ‘almost psychopathic’ too well with that haircut!!! Well done, looks like such a fun night! x x

  7. Looks like you all had a fab time. But are you going to wear those outfits to drop the kids off at school/nursery?! x

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