Donkey On The Edge and Wardrobe Wednesday

Okay so if things are a little random around here, or I haven’t replied to an email, or I haven’t commented on your blog….there is a reason!

There is that great part in Shrek towards the end where the donkey crashes through the window on the back of the dragon and says ‘I’m a donkey on the edge I have a dragon and I’m not afraid to use it’. That has become a favourite expression for me when I’m on the edge of sanity!

Our computer has allowed me about 2 mins total of screen time over the last few days before flashing the ‘blue screen of doom’ and dying. The Atlas has been trying all sorts of things but we know this computer is on the way out….and it may well be taking my sanity with it!

On a happier note here is my selected outfit of the week.  (apologies for the slightly crazed expression!)

The top is Marilyn Seb and a hand me down from my sister, the skirt I made about 8 years ago and haven’t worn for ages, the tights are a hand me down from my mama.

I like the mix of the pattern with the stripes of the skirt – it felt a bit brave when I did it but I like the overall result.

What makes you a ‘donkey on the edge’?

3 responses

  1. I totally relate to the technology breakdown – it brings out the worst in me when my computer/phone plays up! It makes me realise how reliant on technology I’ve become. Other than that, running late, trying to think of what to wear so I can look fabulous but not like I’ve tried at all within a limited time frame and feeling left out. Oh and when people don’t reply to emails GRRRR!

  2. I can quite often be heard saying “That’ll do, Donkey” to the kids when they get a bit giddy! Sorry to hear about your computer. I am utterly useless when it comes to technology and I heavily rely on my husband to sort things like that out. Two days ago we had water dripping from our hall light (!) which was spurting out of a valve in the loft. My husband also sorted that out. Then yesterday the drain in the utility overflowed, leaving 2cm water on the floor. Husband sorted out unblocking the drain and I now have the wonderful job of clearing out all the junk off the floor and bleaching it. Yuck! Hoping no more water related disasters occur in our house any time soon! x

  3. Me definitely on the edge. Started new job Monday and with two family members at new schools due to various reasons – mainly earthquakes our family of five is at five different schools from Papanui to Lincoln to Redcliffs/Sumner, crazy stuff!!

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