Creative Genes

This week I am grateful for being in a family where creativity is part of the general way of being and living. We have been the recipients of many gorgeous (really, too many to start listing) and creative presents over the years but this is our most recent gift.

My sister’s husband when snowed in a couple of weeks ago used the time to design a board game for the boys.

When it was completed she painted and decorated it including photos of the boys at the castle windows.

The Atlas and Flip have decided to call it ‘storming the keep’.

Today I am grateful for all our awesome extended family and for this very cool game from my multi-talented brother-in-law and multi-talented sister-in-law (who has a new EP coming out soon!). I love that being around creativity makes me want to be more creative myself. I like the huge variety of ways in which we can be creative and the fact it is a process that brings us and others joy.

I also like people like Juliet who is one of my new blogging friends and who took Bounce and I out for a cupcake this week.

Just because she is lovely.

My world feels very full of creative, kind, generous, thoughtful, funny, awesome people – near and far.

I love that.

What are you grateful for?


14 responses

  1. So glad they are getting pleasure from it! Was so much fun to make. However, just to avoid confusion – I’m actually your multi-talented sister!!!! 😉 Alex just said “Maybe she knows something you don’t”!

    1. oops!! Of course never denying you’re my sister!

  2. Thank you! It was absolutely our pleasure. And it was fun too! Can I have a penguin cupcake? 😀

  3. I love being creative! My Mum is very creative and I’ve definitely inherited her genes! Such a good one to hold on to! The cup cakes look delish 🙂

  4. AMAZING! the castle and the cupcakes!
    Having family live near by must be amazing . . .

  5. Special tokens make for a special life 🙂 Games and cupcakes will brighten anyones day 🙂

    Is this the cupcake parlour? I’ve never been to their actual store but it looks devine!! Maybe I can trick my husband into a date there this weekend? Hehe

  6. I love that cafe decor! A penguin cupcake is toooo cooool!

  7. What a fantastic castle! And those cupcakes look absolutely scrumptious!

  8. Cupcakes were SOO much fun and very very yummy! Thank you for joining us for them. Rascal really really enjoyed herself and had great fun telling her Dad all the details. Shall I keep my eyes open for more vouchers 😉

  9. Those cupcakes look divine! And how cool is making your own board games! Awesome gift.

  10. Woah – those cupcakes are amazing… and the castle too!!

  11. Wow.
    What an amazing game.
    amd YUM that cafe looks delish!!!!!

  12. Those cupcakes look fab! You are indeed very lucky to have such thoughtful and talented relatives – the castle game is amazing. I am grateful for my kids getting on with each other today and playing nicely. Long may it last. x

  13. A lovely game made with so much love. x

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