Playing Ladies

You know when you are small there’s a bit of playing mums and dads?

Well pretty much that is how life has panned out at this current chapter of the journey so now I dream about playing grown-up ladies!

Today has been a total fantasy-play day for me.

In the morning Bounce and I went to the library to catch up with some lovely bloggers and see 1000 paper cranes that Maddie started and we joined in on.

Then this afternoon I’ve been modelling! Yep, that’s right. The lovely Nin wanted some ‘real’ bodies to model her gorgeous clothing.

So much fun – hair done, make-up done, wearing gorgeous clothes, having multiple pictures taken, almost having my arm removed from its socket by a couple of very strong dogs, = dreamy day.

These are a couple of my ‘behind the scenes’ shots. The real ones are going to be incredible (and I will look amazing!!).

We had a lot of laughs trying to model ‘head to toe’ and ‘smeysing’ (you have Tyra and Top Model to thank for those terms). I’m just hoping that I won’t be eliminated at the final evaluations. I am looking forward to seeing the final photos and hoping to do a little shopping myself when the clothes go live. You will be able to find them here.


2 responses

  1. AWESOME!!! What a lovely day! 🙂

  2. I love that photo of Mel – so cute!

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