Make My Week #31 – Doll Quilts

Flip and Bounce had a combined 3 and 5-year-old birthday party yesterday for 2 very cute little ladies.

So using the stack and slash method of quilting I made 4 doll’s blankets and 4 little pillows (Flip and Bounce scored the practice versions!)

I used their teddies to do the modelling for me.

I’ll try to do a tutorial for the stack and slash quilting method (it is so easy) that I used for this. The colour combos are a bit Random but Flip wanted me to use the ‘soft, warm material’ so we made them out of wincy.


2 responses

  1. how cool! I keep bumping into mini quilts where ever i go on the web lately and I’d love to make one, might be a good project to start with since I’ve never ever quilted and am a terrible sew-er, so if you do end up doing a tutorial I’ll be into it!

  2. They are incredible and yes please for the tutorial!

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