Tin Swap Reveal

A while ago I signed up to Deb and Cat’s tin swap and I was paired with Ann.

The tin swap was all about thrifted items (op-shopped) and you also had to include something hand-made and something sweet. The gifts had to be parceled up in a vintage tin too.

As I love op-shopping, meeting new people and parcels in the post I thought this would be a good fit for me.

On Monday I received mine!

Ann completely blew me away with all the amazing treats. Even Bounce was excited!

Included in the parcel were 2 cute handmade bags with little label tags in perfect colours.

and this beautiful handmade brooch – it is a detail from a vintage doily – I LOVE it!

and sweet treats (my favs) and 2 other doilies, a table-cloth

and 2 bags of buttons!!! That look good enough to eat.

Thank you Ann and to Deb and Cat for organising it too. It was SO much fun.

If you want to see what I sent pop over to her blog and have a look at the amazing purses and things she makes too.

Oh and go look at me modelling here. (Looks like I wasn’t eliminated!!) See what I mean about lovely clothes??


4 responses

  1. Great Photos!
    I did a photoshoot for a CHC clothing designer at that exact same spot. creative minds think alike (only mine was for cycling clothing…. not quite the same! lol)
    and by the way… you look HOT in the photos! go you! so channeling the 1940’s…..

    Loving the posts.

  2. Awesome fashion shoot. You look great. I couldn’t find your tin gift though, but I did find some cute overnaps that you and I discussed one time. Keen to have a punt at making those.

  3. I have that tin 🙂 So much goodness inside, pineapple lumps! yum

  4. wow!!! nz’s next top mummy blogger model title is all yours !!!

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