Thursday Thought

What if our children grew up to be exactly the people they heard us describe them as? Not the comments to them but the ones we say about them to others in their earshot.

The tongue has the power of life and death and those who love it will eat its fruit.

This is not motivated by any thing – just a musing from my heart I hope you will consider too. x


6 responses

  1. …ummmm…. OUCH… thank you for sharing your challenging thoughts!!! x x

  2. PS: yummy looking cake BTW!

  3. Love your thought, it’s got me thinking!

    That cake looks so good, I wish I could just take a tiny bit of the icing off with my finger, and maybe 3 jaffas.

  4. Your cake looks delicious xxx
    And ummmm I’ll end up with what I have LOL a Philosopher deep thinker sensitive wee man and a Tsunami forthright demanding stubborn strong willed daughter LOL

  5. A very valid point! I sometimes worry about what is said at playgroups when children are apparently deep at play…

  6. I actually believe this is true. I am always very careful what I say about children. I also think if you say something often enough it comes true, so better to say kind and desirable things.

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