Here is a Clue…

What does it look like?

What will we be doing?

Do you get a feeling what it is like here in Christchurch today?

I’ll be getting creative for dinner because the pantry is literally bare … (we were starting a renovation today and had to empty the pantry because we are moving it)

…. at least we have some baking lemon slice and chocolate brownie for breakfast lunch and dinner anyone????


6 responses

  1. I’ll be there for the brownie!

  2. mmm Brownie, just about every status on my facebook is people talking about the snow, even in Waiuku, I want snow!!

  3. Rascal pestered Hubby to take her out in the snow this morning (it was kind of blowing a blizzard at the time). No surprises that she was back inside and crying in about 5 minutes flat. Next time she’ll wait for a better time me thinks!!!
    A good day for snuggling and baking! delicious lemon slice (a different recipe again!) just out of the oven and DELICIOUS! I would say come round and taste some, but not sure you’d make it on the roads 😦

  4. Trying to avoid chocolate (not doing too well) as we overloaded at the weekend! Hail like polystyrene balls is getting a little monotonous at present! Hot soup for lunch was good though with fresh scones! YUM!

  5. How are the renovations going? Or has the snow slowed/stopped them?
    Brownie sounds good to me – although I’m about to make the lemon slice (same one as Juliet since I sent her the recipe last night LOL) to full our tins – we had a very very very small dusting today – and it was pretty – no where near as pretty as your snow!

  6. Hi – I’m even at home due to school closures in Karori, Wellington!! That must be a first.
    The roads were pretty bad as I drove home from work yesterday.
    I’m at home, baking some bread and reading some books – life is terrible!

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